4 of the biggest weight loss myths: debunked!

Weight loss is one of the most heavily studied areas of self-improvement and as a result there are a plethora of myths and misunderstandings surrounding it. These myths are not simply harmless miscomprehensions as the information they spread is actually counter-productive to the weight loss outcomes of those who subscribe to them.

Let’s take a look at the 4 biggest weight loss myths and find out what the truth is.

1: You’re overweight because you don’t exercise enough

This is a blatant lie that’s tacitly reinforced by the sugar industry which doesn’t want people to blame the high sugar content of many popular foods and drinks for their obesity. The truth is that a lack of exercise has very little impact on the rate at which you gain weight and the true culprit is the excessive levels of blood sugar resulting from your diet choices.

To put it simply, weight loss is about eating less. Exercise can be very useful in speeding up the weight loss process and making you fitter in general, but the bread and butter of weight loss is primarily all about cutting sugar.

Regardless of whatever else you are told about weight loss; remember that losing weight is about taking in fewer calories than you burn. If you eat more calories than you burn then the excess energy will be stored as fat.

2: Your metabolism slows down after 30

The truth is that dozens of research studies have demonstrated that any slowdown in metabolism as a result of age is primarily caused by a loss in muscle tissue. A lack of muscle tissue is related directly to a lack of intensive physical activity.

Make sure you include some weight lifting exercises in your gym routine so that your muscles get the important strength training they need to stay lean and powerful.

3: Carbs are fattening

Many people trying to lose weight will actively avoid high carbohydrate foods like pasta and bread because they think that the carbs are contributing to their weight gain. The truth is that these foods aren’t any more fattening than anything else when eaten in moderation.

Any kind of food and drink with calories will be stored as fat if it exceeds your daily requirements. Weight loss is much more about limiting how much you eat than avoiding specific foods, although some foods are obviously more nutritious than others.

Natural pasta and breads are great foods to get complex carbs from which help fuel your body for longer and make you feel fuller after a meal.

4: Eating after 7pm gains the most weight

This is a pure myth as eating too much at any time of day will result in weight gain. Eating after 7pm is absolutely fine if you still have room in your daily calorie budget.

Keep in mind that your body is burning calories every second of every day; it just burns them at different frequencies depending on your activity levels. Therefore, you should feed your body at the times you are about to do the most activity.

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