Professor Kevin Dalby

Professor Kevin Dalby Explains Why Viruses Mutate

Viruses are all around us. As Dr. Kevin Dalby explains, humans can coexist with some of these viruses without any harm being done, while others can have catastrophic effects on the human... Read more »
bipolar disorder

What is bipolar disorder?

As is often the case with mental health diseases, there are common misconceptions and beliefs about bipolar disorder that need to be understood in order to better understand the disorder and those... Read more »
chronic disease

Prevention beats prescription

In Australia, over 70% of deaths come as a result of chronic diseases. What makes this statistic even more concerning is the fact that the majority of these diseases – diabetes, cardiovascular... Read more »
patient access

Why improving patient access improved patient safety

Throughout our lives it would be rare to come across someone who hadn’t been on the end of an annoying inability to find a suitable time to visit the GP. Finding a... Read more »
flu office

Key tips for avoiding the flu in your office

Whilst working in an office allows you to be constantly in contact with members of your team and work together on tasks when required, it also opens the door to the spread... Read more »
varicose veins

Is vertical veins removal purely cosmetic?

What is a vein? They are blood vessels that carry blood back towards the heart, after the oxygen carried in the blood stream through arteries has been depleted. The blood vessel walls... Read more »

49% of Canadians have experienced mental health problems

In Canada, two out of three people have had a mental health problem in their lifetime, according to a new survey by Sun Life Financial. According to the survey published Tuesday, this... Read more »

Ebola outbreak in DRC not an international emergency, says WHO

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is not “currently a public health emergency of international concern,” the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday at a conference in... Read more »

Mahone Bay mother creates a repellent to counter Lyme disease

A mother from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, has developed a chemical-free repellent to fight ticks that can potentially transmit Lyme disease. The first tests in the laboratory gave encouraging results. Lisa Ali... Read more »

Legionella bacteria returns to the University of Windsor in Ontario

The post-secondary institution closed the water supply in several of its old buildings on Wednesday, while an annual test shows the presence of the bacteria. The measure is purely preventive, say the... Read more »