Anti-Aging and Prolonging Life By John Robert Cardillo

Anti-Aging and Prolonging Life By John Robert Cardillo

Youth, we all want to enjoy an extended life, and we work to find ways to perpetuate our lifespan. In the 16th century, a Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, explored the southern... Read more »
Pradeep Adatrow

Dr. Pradeep Adatrow talks about his work as a board Certified Periodontal and Implant Surgeon and a Prosthodontist

Dr. Pradeep Adatrow is the founder of the Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center located in Southaven, Mississippi. Dr. Adatrow is the only practicing board-certified periodontist and prosthodontist in the Southern United... Read more »
Joshua Fletcher

Overcoming anxiety: Joshua Fletcher guides people through stress management

Joshua Fletcher is a well-known psychotherapist and best-selling author based in Manchester, United Kingdom. His specialities include stress management and anxiety disorders, whereby he provides his patients and followers with useful tips... Read more »
Dr Henry J. Trip Goolsby

Henry J. ‘Trip’ Goolsby, MD describes his innovative approach to integrative medicine and elite health age management

Henry J. Goolsby, III, MD, also known as Dr. Trip, is a Board Certified Elite Health Provider, and Board Certified Medical Oncologist. Additionally, he is a bestselling author and expert leader in... Read more »
Maulik Patel

Maulik Patel talks about physical therapy, and community awareness during COVID-19

Maulik Patel (PT, MS, DPT) is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Hanover Park, Illinois who provides thorough assessment and treatment for a variety of acute and chronic injuries/illnesses that cause pain... Read more »
The patient benefits of receiving psychotherapy services online

The patient benefits of receiving psychotherapy services online

There is an intimacy and privacy that is in play when patients go to visit their psychotherapist. When addressing matters of mental health, it is vital to keep lines of communication open... Read more »
Lisa McMillin

Lisa McMillin discusses the importance of providing convenient telehealth services in a time of crisis

Lisa McMillin is the founder of Raintree Telemedicine, a service that provides online urgent care and telemedical services, accepting most major health insurance plans. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth... Read more »
Rimon Louis

Medical expert, Rimon Louis, discusses plasma physics and thermal plasma

Rimon Louis is a medical expert in the medical and technological applications of plasma science. Rimon has recently released a new scientific paper detailing the current rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and... Read more »
Dr Allen’s Device Enlarged Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

Enlarged Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

As men get older their risk of suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as a prostate enlargement, increases significantly. By the age of 60, a half of all men will... Read more »
Dr. Shuchita Garg

Dr. Shuchita Garg talks about safe alternatives to opioids

Chronic pain is an issue that millions of people deal with on a daily basis. With the over-prescription of opioids, the world has fallen into a crisis – with over 40,000 people... Read more »