Lisa McMillin

Lisa McMillin discusses the importance of providing convenient telehealth services in a time of crisis

Lisa McMillin is the founder of Raintree Telemedicine, a service that provides online urgent care and telemedical services, accepting most major health insurance plans. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth... Read more »
Rimon Louis

Medical expert, Rimon Louis, discusses plasma physics and thermal plasma

Rimon Louis is a medical expert in the medical and technological applications of plasma science. Rimon has recently released a new scientific paper detailing the current rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and... Read more »
Dr Allen’s Device Enlarged Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

Enlarged Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

As men get older their risk of suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as a prostate enlargement, increases significantly. By the age of 60, a half of all men will... Read more »
Dr. Shuchita Garg

Dr. Shuchita Garg talks about safe alternatives to opioids

Chronic pain is an issue that millions of people deal with on a daily basis. With the over-prescription of opioids, the world has fallen into a crisis – with over 40,000 people... Read more »
Pranav Arora

Pranav Arora talks about the importance of business leadership

Pranav Arora is a name that’s becoming more and more prevalent around the world in a variety of industry circles, and he is widely considered one of the most exciting up and... Read more »

Everything you should know about post abortion recovery

Making the brave decision to terminate a pregnancy is incredibly challenging. For some women, this is the right choice, but it doesn’t make the process any less difficult. Oftentimes, women get swept... Read more »

49% of Canadians have experienced mental health problems

In Canada, two out of three people have had a mental health problem in their lifetime, according to a new survey by Sun Life Financial. According to the survey published Tuesday, this... Read more »

Quebec hospitals to recruit nurses from France

Five institutions in the Quebec health system are turning to France again to hire nurses. The CHUM alone would like to recruit 500. The new recruitment mission will be held at the... Read more »

Mega Hospital: Ontario Elections Should Change Nothing for Windsor

The election campaign already unofficially started in Ontario is not expected to have an impact on decisions already made, even if they are unpopular. That’s the assurance given Thursday by Windsor Regional... Read more »

Montreal doctors and nurses on the lookout for measles

Montreal’s public health authorities are urging doctors and nurses to be vigilant after the identification of a confirmed case and three potential cases of measles on April 24th. Some of these people... Read more »