Eugenio Pallisco

Eugenio Pallisco Explains Why Fitness Is the Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life

Many factors can gauge average life expectancy, but what’s the most important? What is the key to a long and enjoyable life? Eugenio Pallisco says it’s mostly your physical fitness. The Importance... Read more »
Risks of Not Getting Corporate Flu Vouchers for Your Business and Employees

Risks of Not Getting Corporate Flu Vouchers for Your Business and Employees

Everyone who has the flu knows how terrible it is to feel sick. The misery of the illness may also drain your energy and motivation. The economic effect of the flu season... Read more »
The Safe Way To Save Money On Prescription Medications

The Safe Way To Save Money On Prescription Medications

A good percentage of adults take at least one prescription medication a day and paying for these medicines can add up to quite the sum, especially when you don’t have insurance or... Read more »

Understanding Everything About Elevatophobia

Phobia is an arbitrary fear of an object, space, feeling, or situation. Social phobia (Fear of Social Interactions), Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders), Mysophobia (fear of germs or dirt), Acrophobia (Fear of heights),... Read more »
OLED Patch with Sewon E&C and Photonic-Bio

OLED Patch with Sewon E&C and Photonic-Bio in South Korea – FDA Registration and Approval Process

Steps Towards Global Marketing of Novel OLED Therapy Beauty Product Announced on the August, 25th, Sewon E&C and Photonic-Bio began the process of registering and approving flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) patches... Read more »
Prescription Drugs Without Hassles

Buying Low-Cost But Quality Prescription Drugs Without Hassles

Even though this may not sound pleasing, it’s a known fact that the price of commodities is on the rise all over the world. The same goes for prescription drugs. The prices... Read more »
Purchasing Drugs Online

Enjoy Privacy And Convenience By Purchasing Drugs Online

The internet has affected every part of our lives. Its introduction into our community, homes, and workplace has changed the way and manner in which we go about our daily activities. The... Read more »
Safe Flea Treatment for your Pet

How to Choose a Safe Flea Treatment for your Pet

Having a pet at home can be exciting, but sometimes when they get parasite infestation, it affects their health and how they interact with people around. Parasites, especially fleas, can be a... Read more »
Benefits of Medical Skin Care Products

Feed Your Skin Pro (FYSPRO): A Cosmeceutical Skin Care Brand

In order to provide consumers with a solution for all their skin care problems, a Norwegian cosmeceutical skincare brand fryspo has developed medical-grade skin care cosmetics that help address many skin issues.... Read more »
Pour-Tion 17

The Popular Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF), DEMAR3 Pour-Tion Hydration is key to controlling skin problems caused by face masks

Pour-Tion 17, a moisturizing product line of DEMAR3 containing NMF is gaining huge popularity in the market as consumers are increasingly concerned about skin problems caused by wearing face masks, a result... Read more »