At-Home Vs. Lab-Based Drug Testing: Similarities and Differences

Drug testing helps us keep an eye on the health of family, friends, and employees who may be abusing substances. When it comes down to deciding how to get these tests done,... Read more »
The Most Useful Gadgets and Electronics for Everyday Life

The Most Useful Gadgets and Electronics for Everyday Life

In today’s world, technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. From communication and entertainment to productivity and organization, there are countless gadgets and electronics that can make our lives easier... Read more »
Maria Santiago

CEO Maria Santiago Shares 3 Things To Consider Before Starting A Career in the Home Health Aide Field

Whether you’re a nurse, future nurse, or aspiring nurse’s aide, there are many things to consider before joining the industry in 2023. From choosing the best school to taking the optimal job... Read more »
Top 3 Franchises Medical Professionals

Top 3 Franchises Medical Professionals are Flocking Towards for a Career Change

Workplace burnout in hospitals is raging, and not just in the burn units. In 2021, noted that at least 54% of medical professionals are suffering from at least one medical illness,... Read more »
Can Push-Up Workouts Help You Build Muscle

Can Push-Up Workouts Help You Build Muscle? Andrew Demetre, Charleston-Based Fitness Trainer, Says They Can

Few exercises are more efficient for building upper body strength than the classic push-up. But with many new, more elaborate exercises available, many people are deciding to push away this simple but... Read more »

Julian Narchet, Mass Communication Professional, Shares Five Emerging Telemedicine Trends to Watch

Hospitals across the nation have been updating the way they run business thanks to advances in technology. These advances benefit both the hospitals and the patients they treat. The biggest advancement to... Read more »
Samih Nassif, MD

How Robotics Are Enabling ENT Specialists to Improve Patient Survival Rates

The main goal of any surgeon is to guarantee their patients not only survive but have an improved quality of life. With the help of cutting-edge technology, most importantly robotics, patients can... Read more »

Polymide 5, a Quick Solution for the Eye-Area Concerns, Shown to be Effective in Clinical Trials

* Based on Celltem Pharm’s products Cellinol-5 Cream from Celltem Pharm’s new bio-cosmetics brand “Percent Science” has been shown to effectively treat wrinkles. In a human application study involving women aged 30... Read more »

Good Heart Hospice is the West Coast Agency Championing California’s Quality of Life Hospice Initiative

California has a rising need for hospice services — and the agencies that provide those services — due partly to an aging population. The state’s hospice initiative, Let’s Get Healthy California, lays... Read more »
Eugenio Pallisco

Eugenio Pallisco Explains Why Fitness Is the Key to Living a Longer, Healthier Life

Many factors can gauge average life expectancy, but what’s the most important? What is the key to a long and enjoyable life? Eugenio Pallisco says it’s mostly your physical fitness. The Importance... Read more »