How to use a Jung Personality Test for coaching

Growth and development of employees are as crucial as achieving organizational goals. Coaching has emerged as a key strategy in fostering a productive and engaged workforce. Integrating the Jung Personality Test into... Read more »
Body Brain Yoga Tai Chi

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Shares How to Manage Stress During the New Year

Everyone experiences stress in life, whether it comes from home, work, family, or other sources. How you manage that stress is key to living a happy and healthy life, according to Body... Read more »
Benefits of Medical Skin Care Products

Feed Your Skin Pro (FYSPRO): A Cosmeceutical Skin Care Brand

In order to provide consumers with a solution for all their skin care problems, a Norwegian cosmeceutical skincare brand fryspo has developed medical-grade skin care cosmetics that help address many skin issues.... Read more »
Ilija Jahura

Ilija Jahura Explains: 6 Fitness Tips for Beginners

Starting a new fitness regime can seem overwhelming. As fitness and health expert Ilija Jahura points out, though, there are simple and proven tips you can follow that will help you overcome... Read more »
International Medical Aid

Why you should intern with International Medical Aid

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has served as a stark reminder of the significance of reliable healthcare systems. For the next generation of prospective healthcare professionals commence their studies, COVID-19 offers many lessons,... Read more »
Fibroids at FiVe Clinics

Fibroids and how they are diagnosed and treated at FiVe Clinics

Little is known to the common woman about fibroids, and many of them will develop them up until the age of 50. However, commonly the women stay asymptomatic and do not experience... Read more »

More work to do to ban cannabis from Alberta campuses

There is still a long way to go to make campuses 100% smoke-free in Alberta, according to Action on Smoking and Health. It publishes its first ever list of Alberta postsecondary institutions,... Read more »

The pay gap widens between doctors and nurses

In 10 years, the proportion of the Quebec health budget allocated to physicians has increased, while that of nurses has decreased. A unique situation among the Canadian provinces and at a time... Read more »

Fourth week of strike for employees at a medical center in Thunder Bay

In Thunder Bay, Port Arthur Health Clinic employees begin their fourth week of strike today . Their employment contract expired at the end of 2017. And there is no solution in sight... Read more »

The abortion pill been prescribed more than 4000 times in Canada in 2017

Health Canada announces that Canadian pharmacies have distributed over 4253 doses of the Mifegymiso Abortion Pill in 2017 – its first year on the market. This data was revealed following a question... Read more »