Dr. Monika Thangada

Empathy and Innovation in Mental Health: An Interview with Dr. Monika Thangada

Dr. Monika Thangada stands out as a compassionate and innovative leader in psychiatric care at Harry S. Truman Veterans’ Hospital. Educated at S.V.S. Medical College in India and further honed through a... Read more »
Jaime Salcedo

Painless Picasso: Revolutionizing Pain Management with Jaime Salcedo

Jaime Salcedo, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Brooklyn, New York, has embarked on a mission to transform the pain management landscape with his groundbreaking venture, Painless Picasso. Straddling the worlds of artistry... Read more »

Innovative Approaches to Mental Health: The DVH NP IN PSYCHIATRY SERVICES, PLLC Model

The landscape of mental health care is continually evolving, and standing out as a beacon of innovation and efficacy is an impressive accomplishment. DVH NP IN PSYCHIATRY SERVICES, PLLC , guided by... Read more »
Ideal qualities for successful nursing mentors

Ideal qualities for successful nursing mentors

Often, the best way to learn is through practical experience. However, learning through experience often requires the support of a mentor, who can ensure that you learn safely and effectively. This is... Read more »
Mengyu Li

Ms. Mengyu Li: Exploring the Critical Role of DSMES and Diabetes Educators in the United States 2024

Interview with Ms. Mengyu Li, MS, RD, LD, CDCES, Leading Diabetes Educator Mengyu Li is a distinguished Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist whose academic journey began at Cornell... Read more »
Mosawer Begana

Mental Health Crisis for Afghanistan Women and Girls – Medical and Practical Recommendations

Following the July 2023 report by The Washington Post titled “As Afghan Schools Remain Closed for Girls, Mental Health Crisis Builds,” highlighting the escalation of the mental health crisis among Afghan girls... Read more »
Tamika Hill

Chicago Therapist, Tamika Hill Finds Connection to Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer

Coach T (Tamika Hill) shares how healing from traumatic events in our lives starts with coping together When tragic events strike a person, Do you remember those around them shouldering the weight... Read more »
The Case For Simulation in Educating and Training Nurses

The Case For Simulation in Educating and Training Nurses

Nursing is a complex career path that provides different challenges and cases every single day. However, there’s much to learn from practice alongside intensive study – which, of course, is why placements... Read more »
Unveiling the Root Causes of Diabetes

Unveiling the Root Causes of Diabetes: Beyond Diet and Exercise

Diabetes, a chronic metabolic disorder affecting millions worldwide, is characterized by high blood sugar levels and impaired insulin function. Traditionally, the management of diabetes has focused primarily on dietary changes and increased... Read more »
varicose veins

Is vertical veins removal purely cosmetic?

What is a vein? They are blood vessels that carry blood back towards the heart, after the oxygen carried in the blood stream through arteries has been depleted. The blood vessel walls... Read more »