Painless Picasso: Revolutionizing Pain Management with Jaime Salcedo

Jaime Salcedo

Jaime Salcedo, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Brooklyn, New York, has embarked on a mission to transform the pain management landscape with his groundbreaking venture, Painless Picasso.

Straddling the worlds of artistry and emergency medical services as a seasoned tattoo artist and a dedicated firefighter/EMT, Salcedo brings a unique perspective to the challenges of pain in cosmetic procedures. Driven by a deep-seated desire to alleviate discomfort for his clients and inspired by advancements in biotechnology, he has created an all-natural, plant-based cream that promises a pain-free experience for individuals undergoing tattoos, waxing, and laser treatments.

This interview delves into the origins of Painless Picasso, exploring the synergy of Salcedo’s professional experiences, his innovative approach to pain relief, and his aspirations for a future where effective and natural pain management solutions are accessible to all.

Can you start by telling us a bit about your background and what inspired you to start Painless Picasso?

My name is Jaime Salcedo. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and have been a Tattoo Artist for over 13 years. I also have the honor and privilege of serving my city and its citizens as a Firefighter/EMT for the last 7 years. Through my areas of work I’ve come to know people very well. My clientele and patients can contest to the level of care they receive when in my hands. I have real life experience and a genuine passion for helping people.

Over the last couple years I’ve noticed a trend in the use of numbing creams and clients asking for it prior to their procedure. Further research concluded that most products on the market use high dosages of pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Learning from the Biotech community I was able to formulate an effective all natural alternative.

For those unfamiliar, how would you describe Painless Picasso, and what makes it stand out in its industry?

Painless Picasso is an all natural, plant based cream that alleviates the pain associated with procedures such as tattooing, waxing, and laser treatments, giving clients and professionals a more comfortable experience.

This product means providing millions of people that suffer from these procedures with an all natural pain free experience. It also brings awareness and educates consumers on the potential hazards of other products currently on the market.

Can you introduce us to the range of pain products offered by Painless Picasso and the inspiration behind their creation?

Painless Picasso has currently produced an all natural cream that alleviates the pain for upwards of 3 hours. We’re now working on our spray formulation that extends the painless experience for an additional 3 hours. This spray can also be used on cuts, scraps, and minor superficial wounds. We’re inspired to be the global all natural alternative to pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Painless Picasso - Jaime Salcedo

Painless Picasso is known for its innovative approach. Can you discuss any unique technologies or methodologies you’ve incorporated into your pain products?

Our unique, patent pending product has been used by numerous consenting clients and consumers without any adverse side effects. We are now conducting clinical trials to substantiate these claims and have the scientific backing that our competitor’s do not.

What has been the feedback from customers who have used your pain relief products, and how has it shaped further product development?

Our customers are very important to us. From our humble beginnings they’ve trusted us to provide them with a safe and reliable product they can trust.  Marialena wrote recently “Just used this before my wax appointment & I felt NOTHING”. Reviews like this have motivated us to continue perfecting the art of pain relief.

How do you recommend using Painless Picasso’s pain products for maximum effectiveness, and are there any specific conditions or pains they target more effectively?

Painless Picasso’s cream should be applied an hour prior to the procedure. A plastic film may be applied over the cream to allow for it to be more effective. After an hour, remove the film, wipe the cream thoroughly from skin and pores, then continue with your “painless” experience.

Our product is for external use only prior to tattooing, waxing, laser treatments and other minor skin related cosmetic procedures.

How do you see the future of pain management evolving, and what role will Painless Picasso play in this landscape?

We see an all natural, painless future ahead of us. Painless Picasso is set to be the global, all natural alternative to pharmaceutical grade pain relief products currently on the market. Our plant based products are made in the USA at an FDA regulated facility in code with GMP standards.

What advice would you give to someone seeking alternative pain relief solutions but may be hesitant to try new products?

We advise that they do their research and seek advice from a medical professional prior to trying any product, ours included. I’ve done countless hours of research, brainstormed with advisors, biotech engineers and have even tried Painless Picasso’s formula on myself numerous times before a consumer ever did.

From the editor….

Jaime Salcedo’s journey from the tattoo parlors of Brooklyn to the forefront of natural pain management innovation embodies a fusion of compassion, entrepreneurship, and scientific curiosity. Painless Picasso stands as a testament to his dedication to providing a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief. Through meticulous research, customer feedback, and a commitment to all-natural ingredients, Salcedo’s vision for a painless future is not only promising but also a beacon for others in the cosmetic and medical fields.

As Painless Picasso continues to evolve and expand its product line, it’s clear that Salcedo’s approach – rooted in care, innovation, and an unwavering belief in the natural over the synthetic – sets a new standard in how we manage pain. The future of pain management, as envisioned by Painless Picasso, is not just about alleviating discomfort but about doing so in a way that is harmonious with our bodies and the environment.

You can connect with Jaime Salcedo via LinkedIn here or via IG @bknativenyc and learn more about Painless Picasso at

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