4 simple ways to make life more interesting

Whether you’re burnt out with the routine 9 to 5 at the office or simply inhabit a rut in your life, there’s plenty of ways we can feel like our wheels are just spinning in the mud. Nothing about life promises to constantly keep us engaged and more often than not the majority of existence is mundane if it isn’t downright stressful.

Life is only as interesting as you make it and that is why we’ve come up with 4 easy ways you can add some spice to an otherwise boring lifestyle.

Re-arrange your furniture

This may sound silly at first, but you’d be surprised by how easy and effective this method is for adding some flavour to your week. Re-arranging the way your bed faces or moving a desk from one end of the room to the other makes the space feel brand new and gives your senses that fresh feeling of newness that’s so addictive.

Face your fears

A great way to add an interesting milestone to your life is to face up to one of your fears and overcomes it. Whether your fear is irrational or not, facing up to is a big step in your personal growth and it add character as well as giving you a fun story to tell.

Scared of heights? Go bungie jumping. Afraid of snakes? Go to a zoo and hold a snake yourself.

Try something for the sake of it

We can often be very picky with our interests to the point that we never expose ourselves to new things. How many times have you watched a movie you’ve seen 10 times rather than watching something new simply because it was a more familiar choice?

Becoming too familiar with the things we do and experience makes life uninteresting. However, it can  be hard to try new things because we’re afraid we won’t like it, so we often discover experiences based on their relevance to other things we already enjoy.

For example, you may love electronic music and routinely discover new songs that are related to the genre but they will all generally be similar to one another in terms of overall style. If you want to really shake things up, listen to a music style you have never even considered before, like country or reggae.

Go out more

One of the biggest mood killers is being stuck at home on the weekend because you can’t find anything to do or anyone to do with. Worse yet, you might actively avoid going out with groups of people either because you’ve become jaded or because you don’t think you’d be good at socialising.

The truth is that there’s very little to lose by interacting with likeminded people and you’ll most likely come away being glad you took a chance and left the house. Try and develop closer relationships with the people you actually like and plan activities that aren’t just excuses to socialise but are thing that you both would actually love to do based on your mutual interests.

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