Baz Porter Set to Spread His Teachings to a Wider Audience with New Book “Using Trauma to Thrive”

Baz Porter
Baz Porter

Baz Porter is a British Army veteran and PTSD survivor who has become globally renowned for his work as a motivational speaker and transformational coach. Baz has been on a profound journey in his life and has successfully navigated many challenges that others are struggling with today, so he endeavors to pass on his teachings to those who need them, any way he can.

His new book “Using Trauma to Thrive” (releasing 12/12/20) is 50% memoir, 50% self-help guide. With a conversational writing style, Baz takes readers on a journey through his life experiences and passes on actionable insights that they can use to achieve the same level of freedom that he enjoys today.

Baz went through an 8-month process writing the book, and it was exciting for him to look back at his journey through life and see just how far he has come. However, the book was also hard work, since Baz knew that he had to ensure every chapter was relatable to people, and it was overall quite a humbling experience for him.

Baz is eager for the book to come out and get in the hands of people who will really benefit from his teachings. His hope is that the book will enable a larger audience to learn about his story and enjoy the tangible benefits that his lessons in conquering adversity can bring them.

While the new book is related to Baz’s struggle to overcome PTSD and the other challenges that came with it, it is relatable for a broad audience. Anyone can benefit from learning about Baz’s story and how he became the thriving person he is today.

To book is releasing on 12/12/10 and you can pre-order it here.

Baz Porter - Using Trauma to Thrive

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