Enlarged Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

Dr Allen’s Device Enlarged Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

As men get older their risk of suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as a prostate enlargement, increases significantly. By the age of 60, a half of all men will have prostate enlargement and almost all (90%) of men over the age of 80.

When the prostate enlarges, the gland presses against the urethra at the bladder’s neck, and this causes problems with urination that can be quite irritating to treat. It should be noted, however, that BPH is not a cancerous medical condition, it the use of thermobalancing therapy is safe.

Prostate Treatment Needs Thermobalancing Therapy

Why is Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Tom needed for prostate enlargement?

The use of Dr Tom with thermobalancing therapy has been patented in the United States as a harmless method to treat internal diseases that are chronic. Thermobalancing therapy for treatment of prostate enlargement gives therapeutic relief to the prostate gland that is being affected. Thermobalancing therapy is the only treatment applied directly to the prostate gland.

Standard treatment for BPH such as surgeries and drugs can frequently cause new health issues in the patient and don’t treat the problem prostate gland. There are many surgeries available that remove the prostate or part of it but these can often have complications that are unpleasant or cause depression post-surgery. Dr Tom helps to prevent men from suffering with the various side effects of common BPH surgeries and drugs.

The prostate enlargement is caused from within the gland itself, and the working theory is that decreasing levels of testosterone (with age) causes this growth. Because castrated boys do not develop BPH when they get older, it is speculated that this is the connection. Thermobalancing therapy works to treat the cause of prostate enlargement.


What expectations are there after using BPH drugs?

There are two main groups of medication that are recommended for men with prostate enlargement to use, and they both come with their own risks. Due to their long-term ineffectiveness, the two drugs are often using in concert to maximise the effect they do have.

Alpha-blockers work to help relax the prostate muscle and the neck of the bladder, which allows urine to flow freely. These drugs are commonly known as Terazosin or Tamsulosin and can cause side-effects like sexual dysfunction and fatigue.

There are other drugs that work to convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone that also treat prostate enlargement such as Avodart and Finasteride. However, these other drugs can have some series side effects that may no be reversible such as diabetes and impotence. BPH drugs becomes less effective over time but cause serious side-effects in many patients.

Using Doctor Tom with Thermobalancing Therapy reverses BPH

Using Tom for thermobalancing therapy has been given a patent by the USPTO that proves it is a completely unique and new method to treat chronic conditions like prostate enlargement.

Thermobalancing therapy has been featured across US television screens on mainstream networks like CNBC and FOX. These broadcasts discussed the reports from patients who had tried thermobalancing therapy for prostate enlargement and say it helped their recovery.

Empirical evidence collected over the last decade has shown that Dr Tom for thermobalancing therapy has been able to reduce urination symptoms and the size of the prostate gland in men who use it. There is a 2-year clinical study that supports the efficacy of thermobalancing therapy.

The device use body heat to treat the enlarged prostate

Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Tom Device for treating prostate enlargement uses a thermo-element alongside a special belt that applies it to the area of the body known as the coccyx. This thermoelement is made with a mixture of waxes that work to accumulate body heat that is naturally generated.

In the publication The Aging Male Journal the article The Use of Thermobalancing therapy in ageing male with benign prostatic hyperplasia with a focus on etiology and pathophysiology shows that this treatment is effective for men suffering with BPH as it treats the direct cause of the problem.

The increasing size of the prostate gland is due to vascular-level pathological changes, which starts with the tightening of capillaries which can cause hypothermia that expands the network of capillaries within the gland’s tissue. This cause the prostate to grow in size.

Thermobalancing therapy with Dr Tom device works to get rid of hypothermia and therefore causes the pathological capillary activity to cease and in turn reduce the size of the prostate. This will also lead to a reduction in the irritating symptoms experienced by the patient.

Thermobalancing therapy is completely safe for all men to use

Being listed as a class 1 medical device, Dr Allen’s Device for thermobalancing therapy does not required a notified body. Because the tool is registered since 2010 with the Medical Helathcare Agency, it can be used as frequently as desired by men who want to treat their enlarged prostates.

The healthcare manufacturer responsible for the creation and distribution of Dr Tom for thermobalancing therapy and offers the device with guaranteed worldwide delivery for under $200. They are a registered supplier for international buyers, being recognised by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT).

Dr Tom for BPH treatment has be used by thousands of men around the world who report its success in reducing their symptoms and allowing them to live more comfortably. In conclusion; thermobalancing therapy works to treat the issue of enlarged prostates in men without side effects or complications.

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