Genesis Hospital: The man behind it, Roger Olade

Genesis Hospital

Hi Roger, what inspired you to start Genesis Hospital?

On my multiple trips to Nigeria, I noticed we were lacking adequate surgery and intensive care centers. I decided to be part of the solution by starting Genesis Specialist Hospital – an acute surgical center which has advanced critical care support, in Lagos.

What specific services do you offer?

We offer surgical and critical care services which requires a state of the art intensive care unit and operating rooms

How have you managed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic? How have you changed the way of your services?

We implemented a standard COVID-19 protocol. Which includes adequate personal protective equipment and proper sanitization. This is to minimize the risk of the virus transmission.

How does Genesis Hospital differentiate itself from its leading competitors?

We are a small hospital with specialized skills in complicated surgeries, specifically neurosurgery and critical care services. We believe in providing a personalized care to our patients and that has set us apart. It is all about our patients and how we make them feel.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your clients?

We have had only positive feedback, and we have been made one of the major providers of neurosurgical and critical care services in Nigeria for the past 5 years because of this. We do not have the budget for major advertising so personal referrals have been key to our success.

What’s next for Genesis Hospital?

We will continue to improve and hone our craft, and serve the community of Lagos, Nigeria through the provision of the best healthcare services possible.

Than you Roger for your time!
You can follow up with Roger Olade at

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