How Cosmetic Limb Lengthening is Helping People All Around the World Feel More Confident in Their Height

Lengthening Turkey

It is a surprisingly common occurrence for people to experience body dysmorphia of some kind. Height is no exception, and for those who feel like their height is inadequate, it may feel difficult to find a solution. Fortunately for people who do experience height dysphoria, however, modern technology has afforded us many innovative solutions and cosmetic procedures that can safely alter your height. Companies like Lengthening Turkey specialize in these cosmetic procedures and enjoy the opportunity to give people confidence in their height.

Based in Istanbul Turkey and providing services to clients from all over the world, Lengthening Turkey have quickly become one of the top providers of limb lengthening services. Known for their professional attitude and their ability to provide comprehensive and safe cosmetic procedures, the team at Lengthening Turkey have successfully performed more than 800 surgeries since 2014. With countless happy clients, it is no surprise that they have become the number one place to go to for procedures of this kind.

If this is a cosmetic surgery that you are considering, it is important to understand how it works before commencing the process. At Lengthening Turkey, they use 3 common methods of limb lengthening. These methods are LON Method, Precice 2.2 Method, and Precice STRYDE. The lengthening Over Nail (LON) method is the most popular choice as it combines internal nails and external extensors for a reliable and affordable limb lengthening process. The Precice 2.2 Method involves magnetic interaction in order to lengthen the bone in the leg. Similarly, the Precice STRYDE method acts as an upgrade to these previous methods. All are safe and reliable methods of limb extension and can be performed competently by the team at Lengthening Turkey.

These advanced and non-invasive treatments mean that you can gain up to 3 inches of height in only a matter of months. Physical therapy is an important process to undergo as you recover from your surgery. As the rod inserted in your leg begins to expand and grow your height, you need to be looking after your body and encouraging optimal recovery. The team at Lengthening Turkey can assist with this entire process and move you through to full recovery. They pride themselves on delivering customer satisfaction every time and work hard to ensure that you are happy with your new height.

For those who are struggling with body dysmorphia and feeling as though they want to add some inches to their height, Lengthening Turkey is the ultimate solution. Their safe and affordable services are ideal to seek out and can help transform your body. Through this process, you will regain your confidence and live a fulfilled life.

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