How to fit exercise into your daily life when you are a busy dad

There are plenty of busy dads out there who are trying to find a balance in their life and who are juggling many important areas. For example, they will want to do the best they possibly can while they are at work and then will want to be the best dad that they can possibly be when they are at home. In addition to this, they want to be a good mate, a good partner, a good son, and a good brother. As if all of this isn’t enough, a dad also has to take care of themselves by eating right, de-stressing, and exercising as well as take care of their home. Juggling all of this can mean that there are quite literally zero hours left over in the day and important things are left by the wayside. As exercising can take a lot of effort, this is usually the thing that gets left behind. While it is okay to skip exercising every now and again, when this happens on a long-term basis people can begin to put on weight and their health will begin to suffer. This means that it isn’t possible for them to be the best dad that they can be and will often cause people to head down a negative spiral. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy things that can be done to slot in exercise for those who are busy dads.

Exercise with your children

What many parents won’t think about is including their children in their exercise schedule. Now, most children won’t be able to keep up with their parents (and it wouldn’t be safe for them to do so anyway) but there are some ways around this. Small toy dumbbells can be given to kids so that they think they are keeping up with dad while he uses his real ones. Similarly, they can be given a skipping rope to use while dad uses his. Some will pop on home work out videos that they have found on YouTube and will encourage their young ones to join on in. This can especially be fun when a dance workout video is found. The key here is to get creative and to do something that will not only burn calories but that will also keep the kids involved as well.

Walk or ride to work

Another great way to easily slot in exercise is by walking to work. For those who may be far away from work, they can catch public transport and then walk from the station to their workplace. This is the perfect way for people to ensure that they are moving their bodies each and every day and that they aren’t completely throwing out their routine by doing so. For those who work from home, they can easily walk to the shops to get their groceries instead or they can walk to their children’s school to pick them up.

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