Innovative business Hood2Heights continues to empower women through its services

Tanisha Jamison
Tanisha Jamison

Hood2Heights is the creation of renowned entrepreneur Tanisha Jamison. Tanisha’s success story of how she built her own businesses has been inspiring many and she has now made it her mission to share the secrets to her success with other women. Hood2Heights offers a range of services designed to provide advice that empowers women to shape their own destinies and become high-earners.

Tanisha Jamison built her success from the ground up. Growing up in an impoverished area in Cleveland, she became familiar with self-doubt and other barriers that restricted her from achieving her goals. Determined to rise above this, however, she sought advice from a variety of successful women and used their knowledge to power through and build her empire. By the age of 28, she already had experience running 4 successful businesses. Her first one was developed at the young age of 19 and was crucial for shaping her life goals. This first business was a nanny service and led her to the creation of her second business, an at-home day care service, at the age of 24. This passion for childcare motivated Tanisha to keep building businesses and advocating for the health and safety of children. As a mother herself, she also worked towards becoming successful and creating businesses where she could earn a passive income in order to benefit her family.

Hood2Heights is focused on building the skills needed to develop a successful business (or businesses!) Tanisha aims to help other people reach the stage where they too can have a passive income. A passive income simply means that you are earning large amounts of money without sacrificing excessive amounts of time. This allows people time to live their life in the way they want, whether that be travelling, spending time with family or another hobby or ambition. This level of financial independence is something that Tanisha wants for women everywhere and something that she believes can absolutely be achieved, no matter your situation.

When signing up with Hood2Heights, you will receive access to the Millionaire Masterclasses, a one-on-one chat with Tanisha herself and access to a range of Tanisha’s eBooks. Each of these services provides expert advice for becoming a millionaire and achieving a passive income. Tanisha inspires her clients to fight for the life that they want and gives them the tools they need to get there quicker and more effectively. She urges her clients not to settle for what is in front of them and to work hard towards overcoming self-doubt and achieving the success that they deserve.

With a mission of creating an endless wealth of successful women, Hood2Heights is renowned for its power to inspire change. Aimed at women who don’t want to regret missed opportunities in life, the program empowers them to take matters into their own hands and create the shift towards success that they dream of. Tanisha’s story is proof that even if barriers hold you back, you can overcome them and start living the life that is the one you want to live.

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