MadeMan is Revolutionizing Men’s Skincare

MadeMan is Revolutionizing Men's Skincare

There are numerous skincare brands available, yet a large portion solely focus on women, disregarding men as a demographic of interest. The diverse and tedious regimens require too much effort on the part of men, as men’s skincare is often viewed as something that is not “manly”. In spite of these troubling problems and sheer disregard for an entire market, MadeMan Skincare has a strong desire to alleviate common misconceptions, and close the gap that is created by this scary trend. Jeremy Gardner is a serial entrepreneur and a staple in the cryptocurrency industry, he has taken it upon himself to remedy the lack of skincare products offered to men. He wants to make skincare more accessible, cost-effective, and easy to use for the common man, as there are very few skincare brands that cater to a man’s needs. Gardner saw numerous flaws in men’s skincare products, as most of them did not fit with the lifestyle led by most men, including Gardner himself. Gardner created a simplified two-step process which can be applied by men who live a busy life. Gardner does need seek to only profit from the gaping hole in the market for men’s skincare, but also wants to bring the topic of men’s skincare into the limelight- creating a much bigger topic of conversation on what it truly means to be a man.

Gardner formed MadeMan because he was having trouble with his own skincare, his on-the-go lifestyle made it impossible to keep up with cumbersome and multi-faceted regimens. Gardner wants MadeMan to be the skincare solution for all men who face similar problems, as his line is uncomplicated – a prime component in captivating men to use skincare. MadeMan has all the necessary and top shelf ingredients, all in a straightforward and smooth two-set product. The Re(Set) Collection is a powerful all-in-one moisturizer comprised of The Resetter and The Refresher. The Resetter is a face wash that can also be used as a shaving cream. MadeMan offers a simplified process and painless solution for men who fail to take care of their skin. The foundation of The Re(Set) Collection is simplicity and affordability, two elements that make MadeMan unparalleled in the men’s skincare arena. These two premium elements of men’s skincare are big attention grabbers for men who emphasize self-improvement.

MadeMan was created to help men becomes their best selves, optimizing their appearance to its full potential. Everyone knows the importance of first impressions, and men often spend large amounts of money on various material things to leave that awe-inspiring impression, why not start with the face? People often say that a face is the window to the soul, so Gardner strongly urges men to make their mark on the world with a clean, and breathtaking face.

Gardner wants to dismiss any preconceived notions that skincare is only reserved for women, all while fostering a cultural shift on the meaning of being a man in modern society. MadeMan wants to reinvent the concept of masculinity, and his easy-to-use skincare line is sure to be a driving force in redefining not only men’s skincare, but the very essence of what it means to be a man.

MadeMan’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, B-corp certified, and “Made in America”. MadeMan donates a share of proceeds to Defy Ventures, a non-profit corporation that teaches entrepreneurial skills to those who are incarcerated. Like Gardner says, “It is never too late to be a Made Man.”

To learn more, please visit or their Instagram page- @MadeMan. To stay up to date with latest products, you can follow them on Twitter- @MadeMan.

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