Martial Arts for Fitness

Many people try a lot of things for fitness, but some forget that there are a lot of different ways to get fit. Martial arts being one of these things which some people remember however it is fantastic for your wellbeing. So, this list has been picked to show the best martial arts for a fitness workout.



MMA stands of “Mixed Martial Arts” so as you can guess it’s a mixture of many things however it is great for getting fit but also stress relief. As much as this style of martial arts is good for fitness, you could also pick it up as more than just a fitness hobby because you can actually play it as a sport. MMA is actually a very successful style which has some vast followings especially when it comes to sports where people view it almost as much as boxing.



The original reason behind this style was that in Brazil martial arts were banned for reasons that aren’t needed to be talked about. Because of this, the population had to create their own style that didn’t look like martial arts, so they created Capoeira which looks like dancing. It’s all about flexibility almost like a mix of yoga and martial arts.


Tai Chi

This one is the most relaxing one out of all of these and can be done by almost anyone even the elderly or injured. It is more based around balancing and stabilising rather than impactful blows, so it isn’t such a possibly dangerous martial art. Tai Chi also has a strong focus on well-being which is excellent for those trying to get fit less aggressively.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is one of the most interesting out of all the martial arts on this list. The idea behind this martial art is that it’s not about punching or kicking the enemy but instead about using their size against them. It is all about grapples and sweeps which makes it great for people who are smaller and don’t have a tremendous amount of power behind them.



Taekwondo can tone legs along with giving you better flexibility along with agility. It’s one of the most well-known martial arts and even shows up at the Olympics as a sport because of how popular it is. It’s one of the most fun martial arts however it can be a bit taxing due to the amount of sparring involved.


Wing Chun

A style built around muscle tension which allows for fibre build up in the muscles is an excellent way to help get your arms growing. It’s a fast-paced martial art all about the speed of the blow which makes it an excellent workout for endurance. It also is a great stress relief after a hard day’s work. It’s actually pretty standard to see this style used in movies as it was favoured by Bruce Lee and was actually the first ever martial art that he ever learnt.

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