Odd fitness trends

Fitness classes are a pretty standard thing, a lot of people do them whether it’s just basic classes or more specialised. But this isn’t about those regular classes, but instead, this is actually about the oddest that have been seen. So, without waiting let’s take a look at some unique fitness classes.


Dog Yoga

There has always been a bond between human and their furry beast pals, and now you can even take them to help you out in Yoga. There is a particular class somewhere around that world that lets you do yoga around dogs, it sounds so relaxing, but the question really ends up being would they just get in the way?


Early Morning Party

Now this one has actually taken off a few times, some people hold Raves early in the morning before you go to work so you can dance rather than jog. This has happened in a few places around the world, and it’s apparently a great way to enjoy the morning rather than a boring old run through the park. People can dance around the venue to sweet beats as they burn energy off before their day at work begins.


Flow Arts

Now, this is something not everyone realises has fitness benefits. Flow Arts are the art that you sometimes see in circuses or from street performers where you use a prop like a staff or a Poi (sometimes on fire sometimes made with LEDs) which actually promote muscle strength in the body parts used. People underestimate the viability of this art when it comes to health.


Underwater Spin Lessons

Spin class is a pretty common fitness class in most gyms, but some people have taken it to a whole new level by doing it underwater. The resistance in the water makes it harder for you to pedal which promotes building leg strength even to be able to do it over and over. It really shows how a slight change can alter a regular class so drastically.


Surfboard Yoga

Ever used a surfboard? Those things are hard to balance on to the point where just standing up is a triumph. Well, now you can do yoga on them to make it even harder as there is a class where you can be taught yoga while spending the entire time on a surfboard. Would be interesting if you fell off mid stance that’s for sure.


Dancing and Bungee jumping

You heard that right. There is a dance class which is done while you are bungee jumping. It sounds like one of the scariest classes you could possibly take when it comes to getting fit, but apparently, it is entertaining. Some people really enjoy it, but it could not be for everyone.


Boxing Yoga

The juxtaposition on this says it all. The fantastic thing about this is that it apparently is perfect which is surprising considering how different these two exercises usually are. You’d think that punching someone and trying to find inner piece could work but apparently, you can. Maybe you can just let all your anger out for an entirely peaceful yoga session so that you can be completely relaxed.

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