Opedia Pro: A Complete Anti-Aging Solution

Everyone wants to look younger. However, it is hard to achieve younger and fresh-looking skin free from pigmentation with a single cream or product.

There isn’t any cream or topical product that will guarantee clear, smooth skin free from the signs of aging. It’s also interesting that no device or LED was available for this purpose before the invention of Opedia Pro by Fyspro. (Feed your skin)

Opedia Pro

Opedia Pro by Fyspro is an anti-aging device that has been experimentally proven to have beneficial effects on the skin that no other device has achieved. It provides effective treatment for the skin that goes down to the deeper skin layers.

It is equipped with two different wavelengths of LED and far infrared with wavelengths of 624nm (visible light) and 940nm (invisible light). Infrared waves serve various functions for the skin. When the device touches the skin, you can feel the temperature rising gradually and can massage the head gently on the face. You can use phototherapy and hot massage simultaneously.

What do Far and Near Infrared mean?

When we say that Opedia Pro combines two wavelengths, it combines the light of two different intensities. Near Infrared is close to the visible spectrum of light. This red light is noninvasive and boosts the blood flow through the skin, increasing collagen and ATP production. This gives the skin a refined and smooth texture.

Far Infrared light is on the invisible end of the spectrum, which we can’t see with our eyes. It penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the natural recovery process to work faster, thus replenishing the skin and providing anti-aging benefits.

Opedia Pro is a device that incorporates both these wavelengths to get the maximum benefits out of light wavelengths in a single sitting simultaneously. It was thought impossible, but Fyspro has made it possible in special ways. Any other company has not used the technology. In order to see whether the device actually does what it claims to do, we tested it on 40 participants in the age range of 35-85 years, with one volunteer being 93 years old, for a duration of one month. To our surprise, the benefits were apparent on the skin within a few sessions. The device also showed amazing results in treating redness due to rosacea.

Why use Opedia Pro?

Here’s a list of benefits you can reap if you’re thinking of using Opedia Pro, shown through the experiment:

1. Promotes Blood Circulation:

The light waves penetrate the skin tissue, generate heat and stimulate blood circulation. Blood circulation removes the debris and products produced by dead skin cells. The increased blood flow stimulated by Opedia Pro also provides oxygen and nutrients to the skin providing it healthy glowing appearance. In addition, the removal of toxic products from the skin produced due to environmental insults like oxidation and increased flow of immunity-mediating cells improves the defense and immunity of the skin.

2. Reduces Facial Spots:

The infrared waves dilute facial spots. It does this by scattering the melanin from the facial spots and dissolving them. Thus using Opedia Pro can reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots giving your skin an even skin tone. The rays also help regulate melanin production to minimize further skin hyperpigmentation.

3. Increases Skin Elasticity:

The increased heat and infrared rays also repair defective or damaged collagen. The heat also stimulates the production of new dermal collagen and elastin. These connective tissues provide skin elasticity and suppleness, giving your skin a tight and more youthful appearance. In addition, the increased connective tissue also helps tightens skin pores.

4. Increases Cell Production:

When the skin touches the infrared device head, infrared light penetrates the subcutaneous tissues and stimulates the production of new skin cells. It revives the enzymes needed for this. Strengthening blood and cell tissue metabolism also restores the cells to youthful vitality.

5. Removes Fine lines and Wrinkles

After the skin absorbs the infrared waves, the water molecules present in the skin are resonated and activated. This stimulates increased binding between molecules and increased protein production. The protein provides the skin with a smooth appearance, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

All these benefits obtained from the innovative combination of near and far infrared rays make Opedia Pro a must-have device for all skin aging problems



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