Medical expert, Rimon Louis, discusses plasma physics and thermal plasma

Rimon Louis
Rimon Louis, medical expert

Rimon Louis is a medical expert in the medical and technological applications of plasma science. Rimon has recently released a new scientific paper detailing the current rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and potential cure techniques that could be implemented to combat the coronavirus. Indeed, Rimon’s work is incredibly important, given the fact that we are now seeing the unparalleled health and economic consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic. As nations struggle with lockdown protocols and social distancing requirements, the need for a cure has never been higher.

Fortunately for us, Rimon was able to answer a few of our questions about his thesis and insights regarding plasma applications in relation to the coronavirus.

Q: Rimon, what is your medical background and why did you decide to research this specific topic?

Answer: My area of expertise is in plasma applications (energy applications and plasma medical tech, including medical applications).

Due to my education and research in ions media, I study the many benefits of ions usage inside the human body, with a specific focus on combatting microbes and viruses. Indeed, ions can remove harmful bodies from the lungs, unlike the immune system’s defense mechanism, which can be deceived. Because of this, the immune system can fail to contain the spread of the virus inside the patient’s body.

Ions are designed specifically to determine and detect the bacteria and viruses commonly found in the human body. COVID -19 is classified as a mid-dangerous disease when it comes to death rate or recovery. Indeed, there is still very little information about the disease, specifically in terms of how common it is to be re-infected and viable treatment options.

The main issue relating to COVID-19 is the speed of its mutation and capacity to spread quickly. That’s why I focused on elements coming from nature in order to avoid side effects and guarantee a speedy recovery. By creating a quick, rapid cure, we can get patients fully recovered, with minimal future side-effects and less deaths.

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the current challenges relating to the creation of a viable vaccine for COVID-19?

Answer: First, the time required to create a perfect vaccine with no side effects is difficult. For example, the vaccine could work on one person, but if we used it again on another person it could have a lethal effect, which could have some distortions on the patients’ health. Because of this, vaccines are required to be tested on animals, then some patients, then volunteers. Optimistically, this could take 1-2 years.

Second, the scientific research is not enough because the medicine companies are not interested. This is because there is no money to cover at least one billion dollars of research. This is why most of them have banded together in the race to getting a vaccine, while others remain skeptical because of limited profits.

Third, scientifically it has been confirmed that there are many kinds of COVID-19 found in different countries, which means scientific research is difficult to reach an objective, universal answer.  Moreover, rapid mutation can enhance virus capabilities that will make scientists fall behind creating a virus vaccine.

There is also a lack of international cooperation. While it seems like the world is reasonably united, each nation secretly wants to be the first country to discover and commercialise the vaccine, which could inhibit the scientific method.

Q: Your recommendation features three crucial steps. Can you briefly outline the first step?

Answer: The first step of the strategy relies on ions to clear and attack the virus’s molecules, which are searching for a new cell host in order to defect it. This will help stop the virus increasing and limit its ability, as the immune system in this stage doesn’t have the ability to stop the virus from connecting with cells receptors by its own protein spikes. Likewise, the ions will help some elements in the next stage to destroy and damage the defected cells.

Q: The second step of your recommendation focuses on using zinc and vitamin D to stimulate the immune system. How will this work specifically?

Answer: Zinc is very necessary for the body and early studies show that low levels of zinc can lead to many diseases, including permanent conditions. Indeed, the role of zinc in this attack revolves around entrance to the nucleus of the defected cells, while the aim of the ions is to destroy it with virus particles.

Vitamin D is also very important for many reasons. The virus mainly targets lung tissue cells and in some cases the infection develops into a condition called ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). This condition includes severe hypoxia, meaning there is a lack of oxygen.

The vitamin can reduce the inflammation and reinforce the immune system, which will stimulate it and send t cells. As a result, both zinc and vitamin D reinforce the immune system, enabling patients to fight off the disease at a more effective rate.

Q: The final step involves using licorice and ginger to combat the infected cells in a patient’s body. How will licorice and ginger help defeat the virus?

Answer: Ginger is responsible for strengthening the immune system because it can help improve the connections between the different lymphocytes cells, which will enhance the immune system’s ability to detect strange cellular bodies.

Most of the infected people suffer from liquids in the lungs because of the onset of pneumonia. This can be worsened by other lifestyle factors, like smoking, drinking or even diabetes. However, boiled licorice can help in this scenario. Because it contains no less than 2.5 percent of Glycyrrhizic acid (C42H62O16), licorice is recommended to treat respiratory problems.

Taking licorice as an oral supplement can help the body produce healthy mucus. Increasing phlegm production may seem counterintuitive to a healthy bronchial system, however, healthy phlegm keeps the respiratory system functioning without old, sticky mucus clogging it. Put simply, it will stimulate mucus production and remove all the virus bodies from the lungs

Q: From a scientific perspective, what are some of the benefits of your recommendations in beating COVID-19?

Answer: A cure depends on organic materials, which means zero side effects. Cure targeting the virus will help to avoid mutation or the emergence of a latency stage such as HIV. The cure is designed to promote fast recovery, so as to prevent an influx of new patients and ultimately, save the health systems of countries.

For most of the recovered people, their respiratory system might never be the same, which could negatively affect the patient’s health. However, this cure could remove the damaged cells from the respiratory system and help the body cells to recover and return to their normal state proceed without any harmful effects.

Q: Did you encounter any challenges while writing this thesis, whether it be theoretical, practical or research-based?

Answer: None at all. I was working before COVID -19 on a similar theory to defend the body from viruses using a more supreme curse that uses frequency waves and plasma. However, because of COVID-19, I have had to postpone that thesis and instead focus on the current global pandemic. Hopefully, I can contribute to the current efforts in saving patients all over the world.

Thank you Rimon for your time!
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