The future of the beauty industry is in good hands with MD-Esthetics’ Maya Darwiche

Maya Darwiche
Maya Darwiche

MD-Esthetics, based in Livonia, Michigan, has quickly become a prominent beauty clinic thanks to the leadership of founder Maya Darwiche. With a background in business and a life-long passion for makeup and beauty, Darwiche has grown MD-Esthetics from the ground up and continued to discover the newest and most effective ways to deliver beauty solutions to her clients.

Maya Darwiche has made it her mission to develop beauty techniques that develop highly satisfying results. As an internationally certified PMU expert, Darwiche dedicated her time to finding an alternative to traditional, typically artificial-looking, cosmetic tattoos. Her research allowed her to discover a range of new and improved techniques from Europe and Asia that would help her to develop the unique methods and styles needed to suit her clients’ needs. This innovation results in higher satisfaction levels for her clients and makeup that is applied expertly and effectively.

MD-Esthetics offers a range of services including microblading, blush lips, eyebrow shading and scalp micropigmentation, to name a few. This combination of traditional, semi-permanent and permanent techniques on offer sees a range of clients flocking to the clinic. MD-Esthetics is known for its tailored approach and its commitment to finding the perfect solution for each client depending on their unique needs.

Permanent and semi-permanent makeup are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. Darwiche believes that people with active lifestyles benefit from treatments like cosmetic tattooing due to the time and money saving aspects. Eliminating the need to spend an hour doing makeup each morning and the time spent buying new beauty products each month is an excellent solution for many. This solution is also convenient for people who have difficulty applying makeup for various reasons, whether it be allergies, poor vision or physical limitations. The treatments offered at MD-Esthetics also provide solutions for people who are experiencing hair thinning or loss. This modern approach to creating easy and efficient beauty results is shaping the future of the beauty industry and is part of what makes Maya Darwiche and her business so successful.

Not only do MD-Esthetics offer high-quality services, but they also aim to pass on their wisdom to prepare future generations of beauty professionals for the industry. A variety of training courses are on offer for those who want to become experts in microblading, lash lift and tint or other forms of cosmetic tattooing. The goal of these programs is to create budding beauty professionals who are both passionate and have the skillset to excel in the beauty industry.

Beauty enhancement methods continue to increase in popularity and Darwiche knows that this increase is not slowing down anytime soon. Therefore, she recognizes the importance of consistently developing new and improved methods and showing that she can unfailingly deliver impressive results. With passionate people like Maya Darwiche on the job, the future of the beauty industry looks bright.

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