Tomás Young The Coach Who Changed The Concept Of Training

Tomás Young
Tomás Young

Tomás Young, is one of the most skilled and professional coaches and nutritionists  in the world at the present time. The 28-year-old has recently made his name known in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai as one of the influencers and change makers in his field, where Tomás relies on scientific and practical experience that he acquired over a period of seven years, during which he was able to build experience based on private scientific foundations, and he graduated with a Master of Science Strength & Conditioning degree from St. Mary’s University, one of the most prestigious universities in London. And he also studied nutrition at the Institute of Performance Nutrition. He currently is the main nutritionist at the Physical Training Company located in Dubai.

Tomás, who has worked in the UAE’s Ministry of Education for more than four years, is looking today to share the experience he gained by publishing his health tips and researches for his followers on the Instagram application through his account @Tomasyoungcoaching.

Due to his work as a personal trainer, Tomás has worked with a vast range of different people which means different bodies and that made him deploy his study in the right way to understand how each human body react to any kind of physical training or nutrition requirements, and that’s his specialty, he literally changes people’s lifestyles hence their confidence. As Tomás always says “No one size fits all and every body requires different needs”

Tomás is not only a coach and a nutritionist, he is also fond of rugby every since he was young, and currently Tomás coaches the Rak Rugby team located in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, where he also aspires to bring this sport to the Middle East to become one of the well-known sports.

Without a doubt, Tomás is a multitalented professional within the health & fitness field, and his achievements speaks for itself, his true passion lies within the healthy lifestyle and that’s the message he aspires to send and embed within each of his clients and the people that he come across in daily life.

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