Get To Know ‘All About Her’ And How They’re Doing Their Part To Help Women During A Rough Period

All About Her

Have you ever wanted to have a care package, giving you all the things you need when your period hits up? Sometimes all you need is a good set of pads and tampons, the right snacks to boot, and warm compress to keep your belly soothed.

Shopping for your period can be rough. You might not have enough time, finding yourself with a stain not prepared for a pad in hand. All About Her has you covered, keeping you prepared by making sure you always have a pad in stock in your home, work, and purse. You’ll always be covered up everywhere you go.

Going for a peruse for menstruation products at the store can also be a hassle for men. Although there’s nothing embarrassing about shopping for your partner, a sister, a mum or any other woman in your life, some men find it to be a frustrating or should we say – men-strating experience. A great way to avoid this dilemma and take out the middle man is by having an online store that will stock all you need without the embarrassment that comes with buying menstruation products.

All About Her is your one stop shop for all your menstruation products. Items included in the store consist of a variety of pads, tampons, pain relief, deodorizing products, soaps, teas, as well as beauty and other bath accessories. With the abundant list of options to choose from, you can clearly see why All About Her is the woman’s favorite destination for all their needs when it comes to their time of the month.

Everything you need is right in the website. You can see an endless list of brands, range of products, and options to help you find the right thing you need just for your time of the month. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough pads in your pocket, when you have a store that’ll help you stock up on back ups. With All About Her on your side, your period doesn’t have to be rough.

For the perfect care package for yourself or your missus, All About Her offers a range of high quality and all encompassing menstruation products perfect for the ladies. At All About Her, we make products that is all about her in mind.

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