All You Have to Know About E-Pharmacies in 2022

All You Have to Know About E-Pharmacies

It’s a new era, and everything (including pharmacies) is going digital. Virtual-based consultations with doctors are now the new normal, and so are digital prescriptions. E-pharmacies allow patients to order and refill their prescriptions without having to go through the stress of going to the traditional brick and mortar pharmacies.

Benefits of using an e-pharmacy in 2022


Ordering your prescriptions from an e-pharmacy is very easy and is typically completed in just a few steps. This can be very beneficial in the post-pandemic world of 2022, where most people now prefer to carry out the majority of their purchases online. Elderly and disabled people can also benefit from an e-pharmacy system because of the easy and fast delivery of medicines.


This is another advantage an e-pharmacy provides, especially for those health issues people might feel uncomfortable talking to a pharmacist about. E-pharmacies offer great discretion so people can have access to their medications without feeling ashamed or judged.

A wider range of products

Unlike traditional local pharmacies, where there might be limited availability of certain brands of drugs, e-pharmacies offer a much wider range of available products. From brand name and generic prescription drugs to OTC and pet medication, there are several options to choose from.


E-pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy Online offer very affordable and competitive prices on prescription medications which are better than what you might get at traditional pharmacies. Using e-pharmacies also affords you the opportunity to browse and compare different prices, including access to discounts, coupons and referral benefits.

Access to medical information

Some e-pharmacies share useful blog posts about medicines and illnesses on their websites. These posts might also include information on certain drugs, answers to frequently asked questions and links to helpful medical resources. Most e-pharmacies also have a licensed pharmacist available to provide answers to any questions and concerns patients might have about their medication.

The safe use of e-pharmacies in 2022

Unfortunately, in trying to find the right e-pharmacy, one must definitely come across a few bogus ones, and it is important to know how to spot them in order to ensure the safety of filling prescriptions online. Below are some tips you can use to safely fill your prescription at an e-pharmacy;

Valid prescription requirement – always steer clear of any e-pharmacy that doesn’t require a valid prescription from a physician to fill your order. Legitimate e-pharmacies will never offer to sell or prescribe drugs to you without an examination from a licensed physician.

Access to licensed pharmacists – ensure that the e-pharmacy you go for has a fully licensed pharmacist available to review your prescription and answer any questions you might have about your medication.

Company information – avoid any e-pharmacy that does not provide company information such as; a physical address or contact information (phone and email).

Certifications – the e-pharmacy you go for must be certified by a proper regulatory body and must be licensed to legally and safely dispense drugs.


E-pharmacies are here to stay, and as they continue to grow, it is important that you know the right criteria to be on the lookout for before you make patronize one. Company information, certifications, valid prescription requirements and access to a licensed pharmacist are key features top e-pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy online should have.

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