Anti-Age tricks

Ageing is something we all fight every day, we always try to look as young as possible to keep the youth inside us alive. But there are so really great ways of keeping ourselves looking young for as long as possible. To prove this here is a list of tips and tricks to keep the ageing as minimal as possible.



A straw can actually increase lining around the mouth. The reason behind this is because using a straw uses the facial muscles more and the more you use facial muscles, the more of an increased chance for you to get lines on your face. Dermatologists have warned about this however it is not often brought up.



Ok everyone knows by now smoking is terrible for your health, it’s a well-known issue with everyone. Smoking, however, can cause increased ageing on the outside of your body and not just the inside. It can cause wrinkles early on and premature skin ageing. So really, don’t smoke, if not for your inner health for you outside beauty’s sake as well.



Antioxidants are something people don’t think of too much when it comes to beauty, but they can actually play a significant role in how you look. They help produce vitamin B and vitamin E which are great for your skin as they help protect the skin. They prevent free radicals from breaking down the skin which usually causes ageing.



Too much sugar can be bad for your health as we all know but a study in 2010 showed that it can even affect the skin. The study showed an increase in a chemical that basically makes your body not as great as it usually is which negatively affects the skin. Although this is a worry, there is not enough evidence to know for 100%. However, the researchers said to keep to small amounts of sugar just in case because, in the end, you are better safe than sorry.



Now when it comes to anti-ageing cream, there are a lot of claims around them. However, there is one thing that a lot of dermatologists agree on which is if the skin care product has Retinoid in it as an ingredient you should go and take a look at it. It’s the one ingredient they agree on that can actually help with the anti-ageing that all those products claim.



Salt can really affect the body in ways you wouldn’t believe. It can even lead to ageing issues which are pretty insane when you think about it. It can also make you look puffier than normal, so the suggestion is to slowly decrease the amount of salt you are eating over time. Over time you may get used to the fact there is less salt in your diet.



All substances put a toll on your body negatively so you really shouldn’t be taking anything even if it’s a legal substance like alcohol. Just like smoking, it can really put a strain on your body. Try to reduce your drinking to a minimum and try to minimise how often you drink as well, not just how much. Alcohol can be a really be a significant impact on the ageing process.

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