Health Is The Key To Staying Close To Your Loved Ones, Says Brian Hutcheson

Brian Hutcheson
Dr. Brian Hutcheson

There are two avenues in which the concept of health can be understood in relation to business. The first is, well, the health business in itself. The United States has one of the biggest private health care industries globally, and, for better or worse, citizens are empowered to make their own choices when it comes to how they take care of their bodies and mind. This freedom creates a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals alike to curate the best experience for their clients.

The other conceptualization of health in business is the relationship that an entrepreneur has with preserving their own mental and physical health. Often, the popular notion of the ‘grind’ mentality dictates that the growth of one’s enterprise should come second to emotional self-care and addressing emerging physical issues early. However, individuals who subscribe to this view can leave themselves vulnerable to the regression and decay of their personal relationships. One person – Dr. Brian Hutcheson – has firm experience and understanding of both of these aspects of health and business and is keen to share his insight into maintaining solid connections throughout the course of life.

A predominant reconciliation of the business-health clash would be that one is conducive to the other; wealth will never come without a healthy mind and body. It forms the key to Brian’s approach as Director of the Dynamic Orthoneurologic Correction program at Caring Medical Florida. “It means knowing how to listen to the subtle cues your body gives you when you’re getting burned out,” he says. “If we respond by passing that on to others that we care about, it can compromise our relationships.”

Brian’s understanding of the need to relieve the pressure of one’s professional life from the shoulders of those who are close ties into his mantra of remembering purpose. “Being able to reset and remind ourselves exactly why we’re doing what we’re doing is essential for maintaining perspective in your career,” he advises. Adopting healthy coping strategies from there can help an individual alleviate stress before it can have an adverse effect on others.

After being illuminated as to the concept of a mantra by a short business start-up book many years ago, Brian is convinced that staying connected with one’s purpose is pivotal to maintaining a stable balance between work, business, and health. It just so happens that Brian’s mantra is to provide other people with mechanisms to keep in good health, whether that be through his growing online presence or the Caring Medical clinic.

Worth keeping in mind is that Dr. Brian Hutcheson is an emerging business, medical, and thought leader in his own right who actively employs these strategies to achieve enlightenment and professional success. He is conscious of the reality that many public figures are unwilling to admit – that motivation and the right mindset aren’t available to all, all of the time. Brian believes coping strategies and one’s mantra can be used in tandem so that an individual feels empowered to take breaks or exercise self-care if they are becoming fatigued. The prospect that developing people should postpone such resting periods in favor of a wealthy retirement is one he vehemently rejects: “If you’re not investing in your health and your livelihood, then it’s not going to matter if you’re wealthy.”

Brian Hutcheson’s philosophy is not exclusive to an entrepreneurial context, either. Hutcheson can spread his experience and insight to his patients within his clinic in person, who may be facing a wide variety of personal struggles in their own lives. Lifestyle choices such as someone’s daily routine, diet, and the quality of media they consume are all considerations when a patient is in Hutcheson’s consultation room. By staying in regular contact with clients and providing aftercare, the Florida doctor encourages others to try out his wellbeing strategies.

Brian Hutcheson could probably fill a book with the vast array of insight and expertise he has into this very delicate relationship that governs the lives of so many people. However, the mantra of this manifesto is to enable other individuals and their families to live lives unburdened by external tension. By practicing gratitude, committing oneself to a mantra, and utilizing coping strategies, Brian hopes that people can ‘save fuel in the tank’ for their loved ones when they get home. Cutting out time for the ventures that drain a person and instead storing it for those they care about makes for a more content individual and spreads happiness to those around them too.


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