Dr. Orien Tulp, University of Science, Arts and Technology, Shares How Skiing Can Be a Great Way to Stay in Shape and Improve Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Orien Tulp

When it comes to cardiovascular concerns, physical activity is one of the primary ways to stay healthy and keep your heart strong. From running to swimming, there are countless ways to stay active and improve your cardiovascular strength. According to Dr. Orien Tulp at the University of Science, Arts and Technology, one of the most effective ways to stay in shape and enhance your cardiovascular health is by skiing.

If you have never been skiing, you may imagine it as a difficult sport that could be hard to master. In reality, you don’t have to be a professional athlete or Olympic champion to reap the benefits of skiing. Whether you’re a novice or a regular, skiing is an enjoyable way to stay active and make lifelong memories.

Dr. Tulp reminisces on his time spent skiing as a nostalgic time of fun exercise and creating memories with loved ones. “I have a lot of fond recollections of skiing. I still have my old skis decorating the front door. I look at them every day when I go by, longing for a time long ago,” he explains.

Not only is skiing a fun and challenging activity, but it is also a great way to get your heart pumping. Skiing elevates the heart rate and keeps it elevated for a prolonged period of time. This causes the heart to beat more forcefully, which enhances the organ’s ability to pump blood over time. The more often you ski, the stronger your heart will become.

Another benefit of skiing is that it dramatically increases fat burn. Skiing is a high-endurance sport that uses every part of your body. In fact, a day spent skiing can burn up to 2,000 extra calories on top of your basal metabolic rate. This also contributes to improved cardiovascular health because maintaining a healthy weight lowers your risk of conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

So why should you choose skiing over other types of physical activity? After all, there are countless ways to stay active and get your heart rate up. Many people who enjoy skiing enjoy the cold weather, snow, and being outdoors. Skiing is also a great way to take advantage of a colder climate. A large number of people choose to go skiing when visiting cold, high-altitude locations throughout the U.S. This includes Colorado, Utah, and Vermont.

“Any type of physical activity is essential for heart health. It aids in weight loss and keeps the heart strong. You must remember that your heart is a muscle — it should be exercised the same as any other muscle. Skiing is an excellent way to give your heart a workout while enjoying the outdoors,” explains Dr. Orien Tulp.

If you want your heart health to improve while enjoying a challenging new activity, skiing may be the way to go. Skiing engages your entire body and gets your heart pumping, making it a great way to enhance overall cardiovascular health. Just make sure to bundle up before strapping on your skis!

About Orien Tulp, University of Science Arts and Technology

Dr. Orien Tulp, founder and President of the University of Science, Arts and Technology, is a distinctive professor, author, and researcher in the field of medicine. He is also a military veteran and recipient of the Legion of Merit award. Dr. Tulp has conducted extensive research on obesity and is a contributor to many academic journals. A dedicated volunteer, he has participated in hundreds of humanitarian medical missions.

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