Beyond the Stethoscope: Expert Advice from Gregory Duhon, MD, on Why Regular Check-Ups Matter

Gregory Duhon, MD

Parents may feel as though they are constantly in doctor’s offices when their children are young. According to Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, children without serious medical issues are recommended to visit their pediatrician every three months for the first year of their life as part of recommended developmental screenings.

And while those recommended visits become farther apart as children get older, they are still essential in identifying potential developmental and health issues.

This approach to health care actually doesn’t change as people get older. In fact, everyone should get regular check-ups to help identify any potential medical issues before they become serious problems.

Detecting illnesses early also can lead to more options for treatment. That’s why everyone should follow recommended health screenings and get regular check-ups regardless of age.

Here are some reasons why these regular check-ups are so important.

Assess Your Current Health

Regular check-ups help doctors assess your current health. Everyone is unique, and factors such as lifestyle, age, activity level, diet, and family history all play a significant role in one’s overall health.

That’s why one person may be at a higher risk for certain diseases than someone else. By attending regular check-ups, people have the opportunity to talk to their doctor about specific health concerns or issues while also allowing the doctor to schedule tests such as routine bloodwork to examine potential health concerns that could be lying beneath the surface.

Review Medications

Part of regular check-ups will be a discussion and review of medications. Prescription drugs have become an increasingly large part of treating diseases and chronic conditions.

In the United States, about two-thirds of adults use prescription drugs, with utilization being higher for older people as well as those who have chronic conditions.

Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, says that prescription drugs need to be constantly monitored to ensure that they’re still needed and, if so, that the dosage is correct. For instance, if a patient is taking a prescription for hypertension but has high blood pressure during a regular check-up, the doctor might want to increase the dosage or change the medication.

Regular screenings, such as routine bloodwork, may also identify new prescription drugs that are necessary to help treat things such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Save Money

Attending regular check-ups can also help you save money. Preventative care and screenings are seen as having a positive ROI or return on investment.

That’s because they help to identify diseases and issues early, which gives doctors many more options when it comes to treatment plans. In some cases, early intervention can actually prevent someone from contracting or developing a disease or chronic issue.

Treating diseases and chronic issues can be very expensive. For instance, the average annual cost of diabetes medication is anywhere from $1,106 to $2,727.

The National Cancer Institute also estimates that the average per-patient cost for cancer care is nearly $160,000 when factoring in initial care, continuing care, and care for the last year of life.

Much of this can be avoided altogether by attending regular check-ups and following doctors’ recommendations when it comes to screenings, interventions, and developing healthy habits.

About Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD

Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, is the driving force behind American Consulting Physicians, a trailblazing telemedicine venture. As an accomplished Internal Medicine Physician and Hospitalist with a profound grasp of ICU, emergency room, and crisis/pandemic management, Dr. Duhon is leveraging his expertise to provide acute and chronic medical care services remotely across 15 states, including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and more. His specialization in complex conditions and willingness to extend patient consultations underscore his commitment to elevating healthcare. Beyond his business pursuits, Dr. Duhon’s diverse interests encompass Ironman training, culinary exploration, passion fruit cultivation, and a dedication to advancing accessible and exceptional medical care.


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