Getting A PCR Test If You Suspect You Have Covid

PCR Test

PCR testing has become the go-to test for anyone wishing to travel, attend events, get tested for work or even if they want to confirm the presence of Covid. The test itself has been around for a long time, and has been fundamental in testing and identifying genetic samples and infectious diseases.

What Is A PCR Test?

A PCR test is a test used to detect the presence of viruses. The results of this test will help to determine if a person has the disease. The PCR method can detect very small amounts of pathogens, which other tests might miss. It works by copying a small amount of genetic material more than once. This is known as amplification. This test is a good option for Covid-19 due to the speed and accuracy at which it can be deployed.

Making An Appointment

Many PCR testing providers have popped up since the Covid-19 pandemic, and you should make an appointment at the clinic of your choice. You can do it at your local testing site or even at the airport. Most airport testing sites have a drive-through location which is encouraged for passengers who are traveling that day. However, you will need an appointment for a same day or next day test, which you might have to book in advance for. The lab will charge a fee of around £50 for the service, and more for expedited processing. You will also need to pay a $20 administrative fee to get your test documents processed.

Taking The Test

If you book an appointment at a test site, it will usually be performed by a professional, but it can be performed by almost anyone. While the PCR test is a relatively simple procedure, it is important to follow the instructions and be sure to keep your fingers clean before performing it. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly before doing the test and avoid contaminating the swab by letting it touch any surfaces. Once you have washed your hands thoroughly, remove the swab from the packet and carefully swab the area around your tonsils and inside your nose.

Getting Your Results

The results of the PCR test can be received the same day or the following day. Some clinics offer lateral flow and antigen tests which are again slightly different. Randox London also offers express PCR tests, as well as day-two and day-eight testing, and antigen and lateral flow tests.

Benefits Of The PCR Test

The PCR test is a standard, non-invasive test that detects the virus in a person’s mouth or nose. Unlike other tests, it is easy to perform and will give you accurate results within 48 hours. If you are travelling abroad, the PCR test is a great way to fly knowing you are Covid free.


PCR tests are a standard way to detect viruses. They detect viral RNA in the body, which is present in the virus even before it manifests symptoms. You can order a PCR test online and receive the results within 48 hours. This is a great way to find out if you have the disease before it causes symptoms and spreads. Once you’ve ordered the PCR, you can wait until you get the results via emailed confirmation.

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