How to Choose a Safe Flea Treatment for your Pet

Safe Flea Treatment for your Pet

Having a pet at home can be exciting, but sometimes when they get parasite infestation, it affects their health and how they interact with people around. Parasites, especially fleas, can be a handful of a problem when it comes to caring for pets. Their effect can be very dangerous and may result in life-threatening anemia.

Sometimes treatment of fleas can be very difficult and may affect the general health of the pet. This is why using a safe flea treatment is paramount in eliminating fleas and improving the general health of your pet.

Flea treatment is always dependent on the age of the pet, as this will enable us to ascertain the appropriate treatment for the pet. This information about the age and type of treatment is usually found on the label of the product intended for use.

Finding the Appropriate and Safest Treatment for your Pet

Flea treatment falls into 3 basic categories, which are;

  • Topical treatment: This type of treatment involves direct application on the skin, such as spray, Spot-on pipettes, shampoo, collars, and powders. Some pet owners prefer topical treatment such as the use of Revolution Plus on the skin of infected pets because it is very safe and causes no skin irritation. Topical treatment is considered safe because it doesn’t cross the skin barrier to the bloodstream. Topical treatment is the best treatment for pets with a history of allergies and reactions.
  • Oral Treatment: This involves the use of drugs that must be swallowed, such as pills and tablets. Oral treatments are considered more sensitive than topical treatments because they go directly into the blood of pets immediately after administration. This may result in allergies in some pets, and therefore, pet owners need to be extra careful in selecting the best oral treatment for their pets. They are easy to administer than topical treatment.
  • Flea Collar Treatment: This is a form of treatment that is very common amongst pet owners because it is not messy and it is easy to use. It is very effective for busy pet owners that can’t keep track of the time to administer drugs to their pets. However, it is important to note that there are different types of flea collars with different degrees of intensity. So, it is important to know the degree of effectiveness of the Flea Collar you intend to use to get the best treatment.

Fleas can be a real issue to pets and can generally affect their health and wellbeing. Hence, the choice of treatment is very important. Various effective methods can be used to treat fleas in pets. The method a pet owner will select should depend on different factors such as the age, allergies, personal preference, safety of the treatment option, lifestyle of the pet, and budget.

Therefore, it is important to discuss the safety of each method with your Vet to ascertain which treatment option is the best for your pet.

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