How to deal with estrogen dominance

In this day and age, we humans are exposed to a great deal of things that can disrupt our hormones. This can lead to estrogen dominance which can cause a whole host of issues that are unique to each individual. Some women will find that they cannot get pregnant, while other women will develop cysts in their breasts or ovaries. Some will experience terrible PMS that will take over their whole lives, whereas others may begin to put on weight that they cannot lose no matter what they try. The types of things that cause estrogen dominance are eating and drinking out of plastic, drinking chlorine that is put into tap water by the government, eating foods that are sprayed with pesticides, and taking birth control for a long period of time. Simply having awareness of these things is enough to for people to make simple changes. For example, people can opt to purchase glass containers instead of plastic ones and can make sure that they remove the plastic lids when they heat something up in the microwave. People can drink out of glass bottles into of plastic ones and they can buy a water filter for their taps so that they are reducing the amount of chlorine that they are exposed to. Furthermore, they can opt for organic foods, or can thoroughly wash the foods that they do buy in water and apple cider vinegar. Additionally, people can look into other contraceptive methods aside from the pill.

Support your liver

One of the reasons that estrogen dominance becomes such an issue is because the liver is overloaded with too many things to process. In a perfect world, the liver wouldn’t have to process any additional toxins, however, in modern times this is unavoidable. So this means that we have to search for ways to assist our liver. This can be done by eating foods that support liver detoxification such as leafy greens. Drinks such as dandelion tea are also known to help with this. Some will put castor oil packs over their liver to help extract toxins, and others will take supplements such as milk thistle. No matter what method is chosen, it is always important to chat to your GP before starting anything new. This way, you can work together to see what is working and what is not and can ensure that nothing is interactive with each other.

Think about the stress in your life

While stress can seem like quite an abstract term for many it is actually something that is well known to negatively impact our bodies. While a little bit of stress is unavoidable, a lot of it can be quite detrimental. And in this day and age where everyone is constantly on social media and are receiving non-stop notifications, almost all people are overly stressed. Thankfully, there are small things that can be done to reduce stress levels. Such things could be taking an Epsom salt bath once a week or simply turning off notifications on the phone.

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