How women can feel more confident in their bodies

With so many different advertisements with images of the perfect body surroundings us, it is no wonder that the majority of women don’t feel at ease in their own skin. We can feel like we aren’t good enough and many will feel that they have to immediately get back into shape after having a baby. For anyone who isn’t a size 8, they will feel like they aren’t good enough which is why so many people are running out there to spend thousands of dollars on getting their teeth fixed or plastic surgery. While there is nothing wrong with this, more often than not, people will still feel bad about themselves even when they do implement some kind of measure such as surgery. This is because they haven’t addressed the real issue and that is that they don’t love themselves. Thankfully there are plenty of cost-effective and non-invasive methods out there that can help women feel more confident in their bodies. This added confidence can help women attract the right partner, get the promotion at work that they have always wanted, to book their dream vacation, or to attract friends that will build them up instead of tear them down. This post will explore some of these methods.

Using positive affirmations to become your own best friend

A self-love method that has been around for many years is positive affirmations. These are statements about how we want to feel in our bodies but they are only written in the positive. For example, someone could repeat to themselves the statement “I am learning to love myself more and more every day”. There are also ways to make these statements more powerful. Many women will say these statements to themselves in the mirror at least once a day. Another great thing to do is to record yourself saying the chosen affirmations and listening to the recording a few times a day. Some will even say affirmations to themselves in the mirror while they are naked. For many women out there they will feel that they cannot even look at themselves without clothes on, so for them to say something nice to themselves can cause radical change.

Participate in regular self-care

Now self-care is quite an abstract term but it generally means to do things that make you feel good. This could be going to get a massage, going for a walk in nature, or taking yourself out to see a movie. It could be catching up with some girlfriends and having a good laugh, or putting aside the time to read your favourite book. Some will mediate, some will participate in EFT, or others will watch positive videos on YouTube. There are also things in life that can be cut out such as negative people, watching the news, or eating bad foods. Whatever type of self-care method that is chosen, it is always important to participate in it regularly in order to regain your confidence.

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