Is It Advisable To Purchase Medication From The Internet? Find Out

Is It Advisable To Purchase Medication From The Internet

The advent of technology and the Internet has influenced many aspects of our lives, including the way we work and shop. Many people now prefer to buy their medications online. This doesn’t come as a surprise since most Internet pharmacies offer a wide variety of brand name and generic medications, competitive prices on prescription medicines, high level of discretion, convenience and access to expert medical advice. However, how safe are these Internet pharmacies? And is it advisable to purchase medications from them? Keep reading to find out.

Are online pharmacies safe?

Yes! Many online pharmacies are legit. However, just as many are bogus. For this reason, you need to handle purchasing medications online the same way you would handle any other transaction over the Internet- with caution. There are a good number of online pharmacies that either sell drugs that are unsafe or do not follow the legal requirements and procedures of selling medications online.

How can you spot a fake online pharmacy?

  • No prescription requirement- any online pharmacy that offers to sell you medications without a valid prescription from a licensed physician is most likely fake.
  • Little to no information is provided on the medications they sell.
  • Prices that are too good to be true. Although online pharmacies offer lower prices on medications, the prices should still be within a reasonable range. Any online pharmacy that offers unusually low prices should be avoided
  • No physical or contact address- legitimate pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy will always have their physical and contact information available for their customers on their websites.

Purchasing medications safely on the Internet

A legitimate online pharmacy should have the following;

Proper accreditation and certification

The first thing to always look out for when purchasing medications on the Internet is the certification and accreditation of the online pharmacy. So before you even begin to check out their products, ensure that they are certified by the appropriate regulatory body.

Never purchase medications through a social media platform.

Require a valid prescription

When purchasing medications on the Internet, ensure to only go for pharmacies that require a valid prescription before any medication can be dispensed. Also, any online pharmacy that sell drugs that are not FDA-approved should be avoided.

Access to a licensed pharmacist

Legitimate online pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy will always have a licensed pharmacist available to review your prescription and ensure that your medications are properly dispensed. They are also available to answer whatever questions you might have about your medications.

Contact your insurer

Many insurance companies have a list of online pharmacies that they have vetted, so if you have health insurance, utilizing your insurer’s provider network may be your best bet in finding a legitimate online pharmacy. This will also ensure that you receive a well-negotiated pricing for the medicine you purchase.

A physical and contact address

Avoid any online pharmacy that does not provide adequate information about their company. This information should include a physical address that is in the country, the security and privacy policy of the company and a valid phone number or email that customers can contact for any questions or complaints.


Purchasing medications from the Internet comes with a host of benefits such as; access to a wider variety of drugs, better prices, discretion, convenience and access to expert medical advice. However, exercising caution is very important so as avoid purchasing your meds from fraudulent sites.

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