The Popular Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF), DEMAR3 Pour-Tion Hydration is key to controlling skin problems caused by face masks

Pour-Tion 17

Pour-Tion 17, a moisturizing product line of DEMAR3 containing NMF is gaining huge popularity in the market as consumers are increasingly concerned about skin problems caused by wearing face masks, a result of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

An official explained that consumers are no longer satisfied with just using blemish care products, but are increasingly paying attention to ingredients in cosmetic products. This is one way in which they can fundamentally improve their skin condition, as they have to keep wearing face masks long-term due to the pandemic.

Skin experts say that wearing face masks for a long time can cause skin problems, especially in the area of contact between the mask and the face. In more serious cases, high humidity and excess saliva caused by breathing and talking inside the mask can lead to skin problems, including acne and irritation around the mouth and nose. If your skin is repeatedly exposed to this kind of environment, your skin’s immune system may weaken and the skin barrier may be damaged, eventually causing a variety of skin problems. That is why NMF is highly recognized as it prevents skin barrier damage by upkeeping adequate skin hydration. NMF also allows the outer layer of the skin—known as the stratum corneum—to maintain moisture both on the inside and outside, limiting water evaporation.

Currently, Pour-Tion 17 is not available in the U.S but I hope it will be available in the U.S sooner or later.

Product Renewal Information: DX CITA DU 1.6 Burning 1st serum is a revamped product with enhanced active ingredients. The lemon color of the formulation is the color peculiar to the enhanced sebum control ingredient.

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