Platform for Iranian women by Iranian Female Comedy Star Mary HM

Mary HM
Mary HM

In the last two years, with her remarkable progress, Mary HM has attracted the attention of all domestic and foreign media, and was even introduced as the most influential female user on Instagram in the popular magazine and Blizzard, and is remembered as the top influencer without the yellow content of Instagram. Mary HM provided a platform for women to work on Instagram and new talents were discovered

Mary HM can be recognized as the first independent Instagram girl in the field of humor, who achieved extraordinary popularity and fame without special support and with determination and perseverance, as well as unique humor in a certain period of time.

She performed under the name Mary HM, soon becoming famous for her brilliant voice as a singer on the screen. Her persona as a romantic interest in many romantic comedies but he is also an incredible musician.

Her love for cinema and music formed a foundation for her talents. Apart from acting as a comedy star, she is a prominent singer and intends to make more music and funny videos. Marie HM entertain people with music and make them laugh with her videos

The timing & teamwork makes a comedy perfect. Successful comedian master the art of timing. Iranian female comedian, Mary HM, on social media attracted millions through her perfect comic timing & teamwork. She started to do the comedy skits in hurtfully passion and become a celebrity on Instagram.

Social media, especially Instagram, was a perfect medium for Mary HM and her rumor. She realizes the power of the audience and reaches it offers.

Everyone loves a good joke and adores a comedian. This is what happened in the career of Mary HM. In a short period, with her ability to create good humor, she carved a niche in this field using a strong teamwork.

Good morality and strong teamwork help her to achieve more success in comedy stage. She prefers teamwork “Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved teamwork; because I believe you cannot find the power that comes out of a team, in an individual work too. Generally, I don’t enjoy winning alone.”

Shining as a star with good morality is a unique trait in personality of Mary HM.

She has graduated in Bachelor degree in Graphics field and Master degree in business management field. From the age of 10, she started playing karate professionally and has been active in various national and international leagues and competitions and has won honors.

In addition to sports, she has turned to screenwriting in the field of humor and has performed some of her works, including the Walton Sisters series. All this helped her to gain stardom very quickly.

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