Roisin Coleman Details How to Remove Viruses Such as the Infamous Phone Calendar Virus

Roisin Coleman
Roisin Coleman

Roisin Coleman is a YouTube personality and cybersecurity expert who specialises in providing helpful advice for those who want to avoid cybersecurity breaches on their devices and accounts. One virus that many people are seeing appear on their phone is a calendar virus. This virus causes event notifications to pop up on your phone (from your calendar) that encourage you to click on spammy links or download malware through an app. People who fall prey to this scam may find their personal data has become compromised. Fortunately, Roisin Coleman’s video on removing this virus is here to save the day.

Roisin Coleman has an ever-growing YouTube channel due to the information she provides on cybersecurity and avoiding scams. Her degree in cybersecurity and her dedication to constant research has made her more than qualified to provide this advice and her skills are made clear through her informative videos. She aims to make her videos as clear as possible to people who have no prior cybersecurity knowledge. She hopes to ensure that anyone and everyone can become educated on how to protect themselves from scams.

As well as providing advice on how to remove scams and viruses such as the phone calendar virus, Roisin Coleman also provides advice for how to prevent them from ever occurring. Her videos include tips, information, guidance, and more that can help anyone stay one step ahead of hackers. To remove the phone calendar virus, Roisin advises people to go into their calendars (home, work, etc.) and remove the suspicious one that they do not recognise. She provides a guide for how to do this for both iPhone and Android users.

These comprehensive advice videos have helped countless people recover their phones. Roisin Coleman has become a superstar of the cybersecurity world and continues to build her platform through educational resources.

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