How Solex & Its Creator Dr. Aman, PT Are Tackling Back Pain and Poor Posture, Head On

Dr. Aman, PT - Solex

We’ve all felt the uneasy and uncomfortable pinch of back pain – the all too familiar ailment instigated physical therapist Dr. Aman Dhaliwal PT, DPT to find a more affable solution. This is where Solex comes into the frame, the innovative creation coming soon to re-align problematic spines and offer a simple and effective solution for sufferers around the world.

While there are other similar posture rollers on the market, Dr. Aman is using her years of experience as an established and well-educated physical therapist to enhance the market leaders. It is no secret that poor posture due to technology use is on the rise and the Solex Posture Roller is on a mission to reduce pain, prevent problems, and promote the optimal ‘Neutral Spine’ alignment.

The Neutral Spine

A neutral spine alignment is the optimal positioning of each vertebra of the spine. The responsibility of the spine is vital for several of the body’s main systems to function. The neutral position is the position that is suitable for sustaining and equally distributing pressure equally to ensure functionality remains.

Dr. Aman spent years treating patients with back and neck pain and severe discomfort. While there are several potential causes, one of the more common ones is spinal misalignment and the uneven distribution of pressure that can result. Optimal posture and a neutral spine alignment is the first step in bolstering your spinal health, which extends into other facets of your overall physical and mental health.


Many of us spend time hunched over at a desk or even staring at a phone. This poor posture becomes engrained in our bodies and begins to lead to pain. When the spine has shifted out of its neutral alignment, and when we continue to reinforce this unnatural positioning with our posture, we are likely to find that we are experiencing back and neck pain, as well as a number of other related issues within our bodies.

The Problem

So, what is the problem that Dr. Aman wanted to tackle? The issue of discomfort, the rise of technology-related posture problems, sub-optimal roller solutions on the market, and the pursuit of giving sufferers a clinically tested and effective posture roller. Dedicated to making these solutions a reality, Dr. Aman spent 8 years carefully carrying out research and undergoing rigorous testing to finally create Solex Posture Roller.

The Solex Spinal Solution

Solex Posture Roller tackles the problem head on, with a simple and intuitive design that aligns most backs to the neutral position, while being lightweight and portable enough for use on the go. The elegant solution for sufferers encourages awareness of the spinal positioning, and certainly allows for a more effective stretching and maintenance regimen to manifest as a result of using it.

Being the world first posture and foam roller for targeted pain relief and optimal alignment of the spine is no easy feat, and Dr. Aman Dhaliwal, PT, DPT is certainly set to change the way we look at spinal health with the imminent Solex solution.

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Dr. Aman Dhaliwal, PT, DPT

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