‘The Invisible Anatomy’ Author J.K. Dickinson & The Case For Trusting Your Gut

J.K. Dickinson

For author J.K. Dickinson, there is perhaps no better way of summarizing the case for intuitive living than with the adage, ‘trust your gut’. While a classic line, the author of The Invisible Anatomy: Discovering The Intuition of the Human Body has dug a little deeper than colloquialisms to uncover a more marked and researched truth. About the nature of our intuition, the vital role it plays when it comes to healthy mind-body interconnectivity, and the absolute necessity of trusting your gut.

JK Dickinson The Invisible Anatomy Cover

The Invisible Anatomy: Discovering The Intuition Of The Human Body, can be purchased here.

For over 30 years, J.K. Dickinson has been uncovering and researching the nature of intuition and its presence in a healthy life. Her work in providing intuitive insights for individuals and organizations in a range of disciplines and industries demonstrates a fundamental truth about the nature of understanding, and of harnessing programmed energy to be the propellant of stabilizing and understanding health and wellness.

Her book is a distillation of case studies and research into the relationship the mind has with the body. The symbiotic relationship that exists within these connections is regulated and centered on the vagus nerve, a main component of the parasympathetic system which itself is responsible for many crucial bodily functions.

The Invisible Anatomy

The book centers around the awareness, acknowledgement, and understanding of the sensory system and the tremendous impact it has on every aspect of our lives. Through the case studies and observations, J.K. Dickinson taps into the various ways our bodies and minds are impacted and influenced – which can cause imbalance, physical trauma, and debilitation.

The dutiful exploration of case studies combined with an analysis of the vagus nerve and its connection with vital organs gives readers an insight into the notion of following your gut and follows-through with practical examples. The nerve being tapped with this book is also being researched in western medicinal circles as a potential approach to combating and alleviating symptoms associated with both physical and mental illnesses.

It should go without saying that both J.K. Dickinson, and her book have tapped into something special. With avenues of repetition being crowded and bombarded with empty rhetoric, the book and her approach to life are an antidote for readers’ cynicism – and perhaps will give insight on a new way of listening to your gut.

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