The Top 5 TED Talks on Mental Health that Awe, Inspire, Shock and Heal in 2023

including the remarkable contribution by Guruji Shrii Arnav

The landscape of mental health discourse is an ever-evolving one, with 2023 offering some of the most thought-provoking TED Talks in recent years.

These presentations have delved deeply into various facets of mental wellness, providing both expert professionals and mental health enthusiasts with diverse insights and innovative strategies.

Here are the top 5 TED and TEDx Talks on mental health that are very relevant to the life and time’s in 2023- including the remarkable contribution by Guruji Shrii Arnav:

1. Guruji Shrii Arnav – “An Enlightened Approach to Mental Health”- The Prophet of Hope Talk

Guruji Shrii Arnav, an internationally acclaimed spiritual leader, brought a groundbreaking perspective to TED this year. His talk, “Let’s Be Prophets of Hope,” challenges conventional treatment modalities and advocates for an integration of spirituality and traditional mental health practices.

Guruji elaborates on how meditation, mindfulness, forgiveness and a connection to the self can play pivotal roles in managing mental health issues.

His Signature eloquent delivery and profound insights into human psychology captivated audiences worldwide.

Many of those who suffer from these issues found the talk heart touching and real as the Grandmaster and the Mentor of Mentors carefully Constructed, Deconstructed and then Reconstructed a scenario that took us from shock to relief and eventually faith.

This inspiring talk egged us to be less relentless and be the prophets of Hope.

It is no wonder that Revered Guruji is referred to as the “ Param Arjan”- The Professor of Professors in the spiritual Realm.

In a short period of 2 months it reached the magic mark of 1 million views and set the private forums on fire.

2. Nic Voge : Self Worth Theory: The Key to Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination

Nearly 80% of college students report that procrastination is a significant issue for them. Procrastination is not a matter of mere “laziness” and the solution is not simply “better time management”. Could it be that procrastination is actually a highly effective strategy for self-protection and that’s why we continue to do it? In this talk, Nic unravels the surprising and perplexing motivational dynamics underlying our procrastination that lead so often to disengagement and burnout.

Dominic (Nic) Voge is Senior Associate Director of Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, and author of “Life Beyond Grades” (Cambridge University Press).

3. Dr. James Doty – “The Magic of Compassion in Mental Health”

Neurosurgeon and author Dr. James Doty shares his experiences with compassion in both his personal life and medical practice. He highlights the transformative effects of compassion on mental health, suggesting that caring for others can lead to significant improvements in one’s own wellbeing. His stories provide an emotionally charged case for empathy as a central component of mental health treatment.

4. Lindsay Fleming-Invest In Your Mental Health Every Day |TEDxWilmette

Lindsay is widely regarded as one of the trailblazers in modern mental health prevention and de-stigmatization work on TikTok. She is a licensed therapist, private practice owner, keynote speaker, podcast host, non-profit co-founder, and content creator. She is not afraid to talk about her own mental health struggles and has empowered her community of over half a million to start putting their mental health first. Her work has been featured as a segment on The Today Show and in The New York Times, Vice News, Counseling Today, and more. We all have mental health, what are you doing to take care of yours?

5. Lisa Feldman Barrett – “Emotions and the Brain: A New Paradigm for Mental Health”

Psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett presents a new paradigm for understanding emotions and their impact on mental health. Her talk explores the interconnectivity of emotions, physical health, and the social environment, offering insights into how neuroscience can inform better mental health practices. Her data-driven approach presents new pathways for mental health interventions.

These TED Talks are vital resources for anyone interested in the forefront of mental health research, advocacy, and practice. Each speaker offers unique insights that challenge current thinking and invite new approaches to supporting mental wellbeing.


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