Therapy Trainings™: Pioneering the Future of Continuing Education in Mental Health

Therapy Trainings Matt Grammer

Therapy Trainings™ is emerging as a game-changer in the realm of online continuing education for mental health professionals.

With a visionary approach led by Matt Grammer, LPCC-S, the company is redefining how therapists, counselors, social workers, and psychologists continue their professional development.

A New Era of Online Education:

Therapy Trainings™ stands out for its innovative approach to online learning. The platform caters to the diverse needs of mental health professionals by offering a vast array of courses, from “Counselor Ethics” to “Treating PTSD.” Its user-friendly design and 24/7 accessibility make it a convenient choice for busy professionals.

Free CE for New Graduates:

In a significant move to support new professionals, Therapy Trainings™ offers free continuing education (CE) for a year to recent graduates.

This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of mental health practitioners, allowing them to focus on skill development rather than CE requirements.

Comprehensive Course Offerings:

Under the guidance of Matt Grammer, Therapy Trainings™ provides an extensive range of topics. The courses are designed to meet state and national board approvals, ensuring that professionals can fulfill their CE requirements seamlessly.

From “Domestic Violence Training” to “Cultural Competency,” the courses cover crucial aspects of mental health practice.

Eliminating Pain Points in CE:

Grammer’s vision for Therapy Trainings™ is to alleviate the traditional challenges associated with continuing education.

The platform offers pain-free CE, eliminating the need for travel and allowing professionals to complete courses at their own pace.

A Dedicated Team:

The success of Therapy Trainings™ is also attributed to its large team of mental health experts, graduate students, research assistants, and web developers.

This team ensures that the content is in-depth, accurate, and up-to-date, catering to the evolving needs of mental health professionals.

A Vision for the Future:

Matt Grammer’s experience in various mental health care settings has influenced the strategic direction of Therapy Trainings™.

The platform is not just a CE provider but aims to be a lifelong education partner for mental health professionals.


Therapy Trainings™, under the stewardship of Matt Grammer, is making strides in transforming the landscape of continuing education for mental health professionals. With its focus on accessibility, quality, and comprehensive offerings, the platform is well-positioned to become the go-to resource for therapists, counselors, and social workers nationwide.

For those interested in advancing their knowledge and skills, Therapy Trainings™ represents a new and exciting frontier in professional development.

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