Top 3 Franchises Medical Professionals are Flocking Towards for a Career Change

Top 3 Franchises Medical Professionals

Workplace burnout in hospitals is raging, and not just in the burn units. In 2021, noted that at least 54% of medical professionals are suffering from at least one medical illness, and hospitals cannot maintain the staffing necessary to treat their employees the way they deserve. Healthcare professionals are exhausted, but they feel like they have no place to go. They have the know-how to help, and they believe that the only way to use their skills is to push past the toxicity and bear it.

However, the proactive health and wellness space has been growing exponentially over the past decade, with anticipated growth rates to skyrocket over the next several years. Some savvy healthcare professionals  and estheticians have found their way to the wellness industry and have never looked back. By investing in a health and wellness franchise, burned out, stressed, and mistreated healthcare workers can use their skills and own a business that can set them up for future success.

A difficult aspect in leaving a familiar environment is the risk involved in finding something potentially better, or potentially much worse. And with all the franchise options in the wellness space, it can be overwhelming for medical professionals to know where to look. Certain franchises offer several services while others only provide one, and some might not even emphasize the importance of medical knowhow in their employees. However, this article examines 3 health and wellness franchises with locations nationwide that would provide excellent opportunities for professionals to recover their passion for healing once more.


Founder of Liquivida, Samael Amaury Tejada (Sam for short), is a medical professional himself and he only hires the best to join his team and expand his brand. Their website boasts more than 15 medical providers who have joined their ranks, ranging from paramedics and Registered Nurses to Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Doctors of Medicine. Estheticians have also found a home in Liquivida as they work alongside nurses to help people look and feel their best.

Liquivida also offers an opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial dreams through their franchise program. The Liquivida franchise program is well-established with over 20 franchised locations from New Jersey to Arizona, and they have different options for people to take the plunge into the therapy services they offer. First, any medical practice with trained personnel can become an IV kit provider, where they offer Liquivida signature IV treatments. The next tier is to open a Liquivida Lounge, where owners can set up shop in an existing medical office or spa and generate sales by offering IV therapy to a diverse group of clients in a room branded and retrofitted for a Liquivida Lounge. Finally, Liquivida franchisees can open a brick and mortar storefront, Liquivida Wellness Center which can sell a variety of wellness options in high demand such as weight management, nutrition counseling, medical aesthetics, age management, skincare and supplements, all with the exceptional knowledge and experience of Liquivida’s medical professionals.

Sam Tejada mentioned that once a franchisee gets access to its resources, everything is ready for them to “take it, run with it, and start making money.”  This is particularly important when a lot of people tend to overlook major safety and compliance controls that need to be in effect when opening a medical practice. Liquivida makes it easy and can provide the necessary tools for healthcare professionals and estheticians to become the leaders of a relaxing, healing environment while still practicing the skills that they worked for years to achieve.

Liquivida promotes healing from the inside out with a focus on managing the aging process with certainty and style. Instead of merely covering up the symptoms, they work to address the cause of visible problems with personalized assessments of the body’s inner workings. Each aesthetic treatment option offered requires a knowledgeable and trained professional to ensure the best results for the clients. Liquivida understands the caliber of professionals needed to provide the services they offer, and they believe that those healing minds can also be exceptional leaders as franchise owners.

Ideal Image

Ideal Image is another franchise that boasts a high number of qualified medical professionals and estheticians to administer their services. At Ideal Image, patients have access to treatments such as botox and fillers, cool sculpting, laser hair removal, and skin lifting therapy. They welcome medical professionals into the space and list the medical directors by state and location on their website. They also promise patients the “most accessible network of doctors and medical professionals” at each of their facilities.

Most of the Ideal Images practices seem to focus on healing from the outside-in. They want every client to look and feel their best, and they also advertise an excellent franchise opportunity. They note that the growth of the industry as a whole is exploding, and that medical professionals can become a part of their 150+ locations nationwide. They offer a “pay for performance” model where certain fees are tied to the location’s success. Ideal Image franchises gain access to the sales teams, marketing, and clinic operating systems of the renowned brand.

Restore Hyper Wellness

With over 125 locations and plenty of service offerings, Restore Hyper Wellness could also be a worthwhile switch for burned out medical professionals to still use their skills and lead others in a growing industry. Clients at Restore Hyper Wellness can receive many treatments including cryotherapy, light therapy, IV drip therapy and biomarker assessments, and they believe that these treatments can affect each aspect of their clients’ lives.

In franchising with Restore Hyper Wellness, investors have access to resources like advice on ideal location placements, a professional construction crew, financial counseling, training programs and the power of the Restore Hyper Wellness marketing and sales. Though they make no specific mention of the medical background of their employees, skilled and trained professionals would undoubtedly be welcome at any Restore Hyper Wellness location, new or old. Their franchise owner requirements may also differ depending on professional preferences, which are entirely up to the franchise development team to enforce.


Medical professionals and estheticians are frustrated with their current work situation and are looking for other alternative environments that value their skills. The health and wellness space could be an opportune career move in which to invest their valuable time and resources.

Of the three examined, Liquivida provides the most opportunity for medical professionals looking for new professional ventures because of their focus on addressing the cause of ailments instead of only the symptoms and for the emphasis on skilled medical professionals leading the teams to provide the best care.

Liquivida also offers a variety of services including botox, hormone replacement therapy, weight loss treatment, and vitamin IV therapy, meaning, the medical practitioners and trained professionals would never be bored. Estheticians could continue helping people look and feel their best and everyone would maintain a life where each day is different and rewarding. Because Liquivida hires medical and trained professionals to administer their treatments, they extend their credibility and set a high bar in the wellness space. A Liquivida franchise could be an excellent opportunity and a new beginning for those ready to heal themselves and the world.

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