8 foods you should avoid if you have sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth is far more common of an issue than people think with large segments of the population reporting pain in their teeth when consuming certain types of foods and drinks. Young adults, those with receding gum lines and women are the most likely to have sensitive teeth.

Mostly, foods that are either very cold or very hot are the worst for those with sensitive teeth. However, these following 8 foods should be avoided by those who claim to suffer from sensitive teeth.

1: Soft drinks

Soft drink is one of the main foods that you should avoid if you have highly sensitive teeth. The sugar and acid content in soft drinks are already bad enough on their own but are especially irritating to exposes nerves on sensitive teeth.

2: Ice cream

This is an obvious no-no for those with sensitive teeth simply because of the cold temperature, but is also bad because of the high sugar content. Those with sensitive teeth lack the same protective enamel layer, making the temperature of the food more irritating.

3: Hot coffee

Hot foods and drinks are just as irritating to sensitive teeth as cold ones and having your hot coffee sweetened with sugar can make the irritability even more painful. Adding more milk to your coffee can help offset this as milk helps lower the temperature of the drink as well as making it less acidic.

4: Hard candy

For people with sensitive teeth, it’s a smart idea to avoid hard candy such as suckers, peppermints and lollipops. These candies are not only full or sugar which caused tooth pain but the very nature of eating them can cause small tracks in your tooth enamel, making your teeth even more sensitive.

5: Sticky candy

These kinds of sweets, such as caramel, gummy bears and sour treats are already very bad for your dental health but are especially horrible for those with sensitive teeth. Apart from the fact they are packed with sugar, these sweets tend to stick to your teeth, causing even more damage.

These extremely sweet and sticky foods stimulate the dentine nerves, which is similar to the enamel on our teeth but not as hard. This layer has tiny holes in it, exposing the nerves to the sugar content.

6: Citrus fruits

Fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits and pineapples are all highly acidic and this acid content further increases the sensitivity of your teeth. This is because the acid works to wear away the tooth enamel, exposing the nerves even more. Remember that both eating and drinking these fruits expose your teeth to the acid content.

7: Tomatoes

While we all know that tomatoes are a great source of vitamins, such as vitamin c, they are also a highly acidic vegetable. Be sure to avoid them if your teeth are feeling especially sensitive. Remember that tomato sauce and raw tomatoes both have the ability to trigger your tooth sensitivity.

8: Ice

Even if your teeth are able to handle drinking chilled drinks, avoid the habit of chewing on ice. Ice is a big problem for sensitive teeth for obvious reasons; it’s cold and it’s hard.

If you have a problem with tooth sensitivity for more than a few weeks at a time or it becomes so painful it’s unbearable, then it’s time to see your dentist. Highly sensitive teeth may be indicative of a more seriously health issue such as an abscess or a cavity.

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