Dr. Delfa Zaker

Dr. Delfa Zaker Farley- Elevating Eye Care

When it comes to providing exceptional eye care services, one name stands out prominently in Newport Beach: Dr. Delfa Zaker. Renowned for her expertise and commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Zaker has... Read more »
Bop water flosser reviews

Adding A Bit Of Gloss To Your Life With A BOP Water Flosser

Do you find flossing boring? Say no more. BOP Water Flosser knows first and foremost how excruciating the whole toothbrushing process is. This machinery is designed to make life just a little... Read more »
Kerryn Sawyer

Kerryn Sawyer Takes A Plant-Based Approach To Wellbeing

Modern plant-based diet advocacy often revolves around making food as appealing as possible to swing voters. That is to say that the more the plants are disguised in the dish, the more... Read more »
Why See a Doctor Specializing in DVLA License Medicals

Why See a Doctor Specializing in DVLA License Medicals?

If you’re applying to be a taxi driver, bus driver, pilot, or even a freight transporter, you’ll need to get a license from the DVLA, and that requires you to pass regular... Read more »
Peter Tzemis

Bestselling Author Peter Tzemis’ On Why a “Smoker’s Break” Might Be the Healthiest Thing You Can Do After a Meal

The following is adapted from The #1 Amazon Best Selling Book: The 77 Laws of Six Pack Abs by Peter Tzemis & Stephen Campolo. After you eat a satisfying meal, what’s the... Read more »

Legionella bacteria returns to the University of Windsor in Ontario

The post-secondary institution closed the water supply in several of its old buildings on Wednesday, while an annual test shows the presence of the bacteria. The measure is purely preventive, say the... Read more »

The hidden face of motherhood

Organizations helping mothers with postpartum depression benefit from Mental Health Week to highlight the prevalence and consequences of these disorders. It’s through a social media campaign that an American initiative, The Blue... Read more »