Being a better patient and getting more from your consultations

Being a better patient and getting more from your consultations

Do you ever feel like you might not have gotten everything out of your consultation that you wanted? Maybe you didn’t ask that question you had been thinking about or didn’t get... Read more »
A quick guide to managing your blood pressure

A quick guide to managing your blood pressure

It is relatively easier to manage your blood pressure if you stick to a routine and consume a healthy diet. Working with a health care professional you can devise a plan to... Read more »
What’s the go with antimicrobial resistance?

What’s the go with antimicrobial resistance?

The word ‘superbug’ is often thrown about in the media referring to diseases that simply seem to be unable to be killed. What the media is really referring to when they say... Read more »

Fighting the allergies in allergy season

When the seasons change the allergies tend to kick up a fuss leaving those affected sneezing regularly and with itchy eyes and ears. Knowing how to deal with your allergies is extremely... Read more »

An anti-eczema medication could also help against asthma

An injectable medicine for eczema can also reduce the symptoms of asthma, according to a conclusive clinical trial whose results were released Monday. The drug in question, dupilumab (Dupixent, manufactured by the... Read more »

More work to do to ban cannabis from Alberta campuses

There is still a long way to go to make campuses 100% smoke-free in Alberta, according to Action on Smoking and Health. It publishes its first ever list of Alberta postsecondary institutions,... Read more »

42-Year-Old Woman To Have IVF For 14th Child

A 42-year-old woman loves being a mother so much that she plans to have an embryo implanted in June to be pregnant with her 14th child. Stéphanie Philibert wants as much to... Read more »

The pay gap widens between doctors and nurses

In 10 years, the proportion of the Quebec health budget allocated to physicians has increased, while that of nurses has decreased. A unique situation among the Canadian provinces and at a time... Read more »

Quebec hospitals to recruit nurses from France

Five institutions in the Quebec health system are turning to France again to hire nurses. The CHUM alone would like to recruit 500. The new recruitment mission will be held at the... Read more »

Fourth week of strike for employees at a medical center in Thunder Bay

In Thunder Bay, Port Arthur Health Clinic employees begin their fourth week of strike today . Their employment contract expired at the end of 2017. And there is no solution in sight... Read more »