Easy ways to improve breast health

Easy ways to improve breast health

What most women have in common is the fact that they have breasts. They come in all shapes and sizes (and some will have them removed) but the fact remains that they... Read more »
How to lose weight after pregnancy

How to lose weight after pregnancy

After giving birth, most women want to restore their bodies to how they were pre-pregnancy as soon as they can. However, a lot of women struggle to lose weight after pregnancy. Raising... Read more »
How lymphatic drainage massage can help women

How lymphatic drainage massage can help women

For those who may not know, the lymphatic drainage system is a system of delicate tubes that are connected all throughout the body. These tubes drain fluid that has leaked from the... Read more »
varicose veins

Is vertical veins removal purely cosmetic?

What is a vein? They are blood vessels that carry blood back towards the heart, after the oxygen carried in the blood stream through arteries has been depleted. The blood vessel walls... Read more »

42-Year-Old Woman To Have IVF For 14th Child

A 42-year-old woman loves being a mother so much that she plans to have an embryo implanted in June to be pregnant with her 14th child. St√©phanie Philibert wants as much to... Read more »

The hidden face of motherhood

Organizations helping mothers with postpartum depression benefit from Mental Health Week to highlight the prevalence and consequences of these disorders. It’s through a social media campaign that an American initiative, The Blue... Read more »

Health Canada imposes the addition of a prescription opioid warning

Health Canada is preparing to mandate the addition of a warning label on prescription opioids and the provision of an explanatory document to patients. This is the first time the federal government... Read more »

Mega Hospital: Ontario Elections Should Change Nothing for Windsor

The election campaign already unofficially started in Ontario is not expected to have an impact on decisions already made, even if they are unpopular. That’s the assurance given Thursday by Windsor Regional... Read more »

The abortion pill been prescribed more than 4000 times in Canada in 2017

Health Canada announces that Canadian pharmacies have distributed over 4253 doses of the Mifegymiso Abortion Pill in 2017 – its first year on the market. This data was revealed following a question... Read more »

Opioids: more money to fight addictions in the Northeast

The province of Ontario is investing an additional $1.6 million in the region to provide rapid care for those suffering from opioid and alcohol dependence. Sudbury, Algoma, Cochrane and Nipissing addiction treatment... Read more »